Ordered from RHINO seeds, havent come yet....need some help

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  1. Hello, I ordered seeds from RHINO seeds. I sent my money March 22 and i received an email saying that they were sent on april 3rd. It is now April 19th. Do you think there is a problem. Since i sent the money it has been about 4 weeks, this seems long to me. I ordered from LEgends seeds about a month ago and they took about 3 weeks....i sent RHINO an email and they said it could take 1-3 weeks from when they sent them, this seems long to me for some reason. Has anyone ever ordered from RHINO in the US? were you happy? I guess it could still very well come, but im just getting worried because my season starts in about a week. I ordered MOROC, SHAMOM AND PURPLE. Are these good strains? - they are feminzed. I really appreciate your help, thanks alot guys.
  2. Good to see a local on here. We have alot in common. I am waiting for seeds from our freinds at Rhino, ordered mine on 4-6, they send me an email on 4-7 that they had shipped. Nothing yet. I have read some bad things about them. But also a few good things. Fingers crossed we didn't get screwed. Anyway, I am also growing outdoors, in a greenhouse. Only a few, maybe 3-4. Keep in touch bro and definately keep me posted with the outcome of the delivery, and I will do the same. By the way, I ordered the Belladonna and Purple Power, damn I hope they show up soon!! Later
  3. Ah, I would hate to have to wait that long. Only took 4 days! I suggest seedboutique.com :p
  4. hey buddy. Yea im from MD as well, Baltimore. When are you going to put your buddies outside? When wil you start them. I was thinking of starting them, (of course if i get them) a few days before May 1st. Probably around the 25. I had first sent my $ on March 22, recieved an email on the 19th saying they got my order, another email on the 3rd saying that they were shipped. i sent them an email on the 6th asking how long it takes to ship them ,and they said 1-3 weeks from when they are sent. So they arent late yet, im just gettin worried you know? What have you heard bad about them? what have u heard good? Im glad i found a fellow from Md, that makes me happy. Write me back when u can, thanks for the reply.
  5. Hey bro, I am close to the Bay Bridge. I have a nice little greenhouse, so about a month ago I decided to grow. I planted a few bagseeds, and now I have three about 18" tall. Just using them as a learning process for the real deal, if Rhino comes thru. If you search here or on other forums for "rhino seeds" you will find a bunch of threads pertaining to white rhino, a certain strain, but some threads will mention our friends. Check it out. Also check out yahooka.com, another forum site like this one.
    As far as when am I going to plant, as soon as I get these bad boys. I am a rookie, but I have been trying to read up here and other places. I hear that indoors you can get a much quicker harvest by forcing flowering ect... with light changes. But outside we are kinda at the mercy of the seasons. I don't want to wait until September to smoke this stuff. I am not very patient. Take it easy and stay intouch, once we harvest we should get together and compare.
  6. good news for you guys.. i ordered off rhino a few weeks ago, i live in the usa.. i got my seeds in 3 weeks.. so you should ge thtem soon
  7. Great news! I have been freaking out. Fingers crossed this will work out after all. Anxious to get started. I will be checking with you guys to see how things are coming and for some advice, I am a rookie at growing. See ya
  8. I sent money and got one order from Rhino Seeds, I live in Washington
    State. I ordered again and they never showed and they kept telling me to wait so I waited two months. They asked for the order # and now they won't answer my email, I was dealing with Mike. HOW ABOUT getting back to me MR. MIKE!:devious:

  9. I am still waiting my order that shipped on the 4th of april. Ordered from the Doc last Tuesday night, and rec'd today. 5 Days!! Should have done my research. I will dog Rhino seeds on this and a few other forums. They suck
  10. So rhino is a scam !?
  11. I don't think they're a scam... just shitty service
  12. well neither of these dudes got their seeds yet !>?
  13. Got mail. Unreal it took the Doc 5 days and these boys over a month. Either way I feel bad for dogging them, they did come thru. Feminized Purple Power and Belladonna. Got to go germ, new but have been reading up and going to see what I can do. I would still recommmed the Doc
  14. hey bro i was gonna get the belladonna seeds to it looks good and they said it has a hallucinagenic high if you could keep updated i'd appreciated cause i was really leaning toward those but then thought again now i'm confused and really would like to know if theyre worth the money
  15. I've ordered seeds from just about everyone at one time or another and never had any problems.I was really lucky because now i ordered seeds from Rhino and paid for them March 20 th and haven't seen my seeds yet.I've emailed them several times and ask very politely about the order and not one of my emails have been answered, now thats BS when they can't even answer your email when you ask them a question.Why do they have the track your order issue if they won't even talk to you.Beware people this company isn't very nice anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  16. O no i orderd seeds from them today:eek: 10 of sweet purpel.You have me worried now guys.
  17. They won't email me...real nice people, enjoy the $180

  18. Hey K9,

    I know it is easier said than done, but be patient. I couldn't believe when mine showed up 5 weeks after they said they shipped. They wouldn't answer my email either. Shitty service, I won't use them again. But hopefully they will show. Good luck.
  19. I don't think they will show, it's been so long, late Feb.

    Fuck them!

  20. Just to let you know i got my seeds within 24 hours:D

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