Ordered from herbies, mailman wanted Sig, Help

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  1. So as it says above I ordered a shipment from Herbies and specifically requested one of their guaranteed, no signature options. When it arrived yesterday (having been tracked the whole way, was only in customs for a day) the mailman knocked on the door to tell me I needed to sign for it. Having specifically requested no signature (due to paranoia and safety concerns) I refused, saying I was not expecting a package.
    He just said ok no problem and left, and according to the tracking they are now sending it back as "undeliverable as addressed". What do I do now? I mean why would he ask for a signature when I specifically requested not to have to give one? Could it have been a mistake on his part? Herbies says its highly likely that the mailman doesn't usually deliver international packages and must have thought signature was required. Help me out here guys.

  2. You can sign bro I sign all the time no worries. Been doing it for years no problems

  3. The reason y you must sign is because diff ship methods from theirs like when I order from bonza I use there bootleg shipment option and that's equivelant in the states as what there's in uk they ship diff so they try and do best match no problems dude

  4. You dun goofed
    Not sure why they wanted a signature, but I would have signed for it. 
  5. Pluss they only seeds homie if your that worried sign for them and sit and watch for two months I donno lol think you'll be the first person in America who got in trouble for seeds rem always rem there for novelty purposes ur good

  6. I sign for them all the time with a fake name lol. If it showed up not resealed with blue tape why not. Doesn't mean it's specifically for you. 
  7. Get ur seeds bro worse thing u did is not sign for em I think u might have donated them lol

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    Did Herbies say they would reship?

    And, you might be able to call the post office, play dumb & act like an idiot family member answered the door to get them to redeliver.

    I know one person who had a new mailman just not deliver them at all & enter the same status - they called the post office right away & they sent them back out.

  9. Next time use gorilla seed or bonza best service im personally not big fan of herbies

  10. Thanks guys, you are all helping me ease my tensions here lol. It was just unexpected as I made sure to say no signature.... As much as my paranoia wants me to believe the DEA is trying to set up a sting for my 10 seeds, I'm starting to think I goofed here lol
  11. There are literally thousands of packs of seeds going through US customs daily.

    They don't have the resources to do anything but take the few seeds they detect.

    You're good - call your post office & see if they'll turn that package around.
    The U.S. government is much more concerned with their shipments of cocaine and opium making it safely into the states. Your seeds mean nothing to them.
    You mean to tell me there weren't blacked out SUV's down the street when the mailman was at your door? :laughing:
  14. Blacked out SUVs means RUN! Depends on we're u live either a drive by or Johnny blue wants to pay visit those my good friend are the people you don't sign for

  15. I took your stuff.
  16. Lmfao. Sign a fake name next time.
  17. Next time I sign for something I'm signing as The Devourer of Cake! I use to sign for packages at work as "Bruce Wayne" all the time. 
  18. That's gonna be a long, awkward looking signature. But,fuck, why not? Not like they give a shit
  19. Lol....I have signed for seeds before at the post office....nothing happened. When you get the envelope, you will be able to tell if it was opened or not. If it looks like it was tampered with, just don't sign for it.
  20. I wouldnt sign for it either. I would be mad paranoid. Id rather lose the shipment than be arrested because some random officer decided today was the day he wanted fuck someone.

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