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Discussion in 'General' started by gloppypop, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hey, I bought a glass spoon and glass chillum from the GC site. I live in Michigan (US) and I was just wondering if anyone had ordered from GC before and if their order arrived without customs confiscating the package? I also hear they put a sticker on the box that details the contents of the box?

  2. Since all pipes are for "tobacco use only" you should be fine.
  3. So, unless the pieces come pre-resinated, they can't confiscate the package? Well, I dunno if that is a question for these boards but.. People have had success ordering from GC right?
  4. yeah all the pipes every sold in the US or shipped here are meant for tobacco but we all know what they're really for.
  5. Yes, tobacco of course. Well, thanks for quick replies, +rep for that.
  6. I know when I smoke tobacco I use expensive glass artwork, instead of some paper that came in a box with 19 other cylindrical paper objects... /whistles
  7. Long long time ago I ordered a metal pipe from here (I live in MI as well) and had no problems.
  8. Customs can take anything they want. But chances are that you will get your package.

  9. They wouldn't do much business if it was a gamble :rolleyes:
  10. I orders a watter pipe 2 months ago and it came in about 2 weeks.:smoking:
    It comes in a plain packadge with a bunch of "FRAGILE" tape on it.

    I orderd water pipe about a month ago and it still hasent showed up.:confused:
  11. Do you have to sign for packages from GC?
  12. Yeah, I ordered my pieces a week ago and they're on 3rdpartybackorder, which means they probably won't get here before I leave for school (Aug. 21). Oh well, as long as they get here alright my mom has agreed to drive them up to school for me - she's cool about it.

    But EVERY package that has come to my house from UPS lately I've had to sign for, but I think they just leave it at the door if no one answers..

    And the package said "FRAGILE" and not "glass pipe" on it? I'm worried about my brother taking it when it comes to the house. :eek:
  13. They probably wou;dn't say anything about pipes on the outside. That wouldn't be discreet.
  14. I ordered a couple months ago. Package arrived in about a week & 1/2 maybe 2 (MI). It had orange fragile tape and a small sticker with the contents written in pen. something like "glass waterpipe / herbal grinder". Didn't have to sign, I think it was shipped USPS.
  15. I ordered a glass spoon from GC like a week or two ago. Came in like 5 days no problems at all. P.S. there color changing glass is shipped from the USA.
  16. Really?? I ordered from United Glass Works (color changing glass). Can anyone confirm that their color changing glass it is shipped from inside the U.S.?

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