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Ordered food and forgot about it... then it arives at your door!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cheeba the Hut, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. So tonight I ordered a large pizza and wings and some garlic sticks with my boys, and we smoked about 4 bowls each after the call and just chilled and totally forgot. Then 30 minutes later the delivery guy shows up and it was like the second coming of jesus in my front door!! hahah so has anyone else shared the experience? Nothing better then being completely ripped and feast showing up that you completely forgot about.
  2. hahaha that's classic. Congrats on the miracle :p I've done the same thing with my buddies but we were drunk :rolleyes:

    I've called a taxi to go back to my house and before it arrives decided to take a few more tokes, completely forgot about the taxi and next thing I know a fucking arab is yelling at me.
  3. he's probably losing his patience having to drive wasted honkeys around all night
  4. I used to deliver pizzas back in high school and this happened to me all the time. I would knock on the door and always get the "who ordered the pizza" look.
  5. lol im sure it happens all the time
  6. hahaha :laughing:

    That's funny. :smoking:

    PS Is that Cheeba the Hut for Cheba Hut?! :D Love Cheba Hut...
  7. Hahah no actually, I didn't even know what Cheeba Hut was untill this very moment when I looked it up! I'm from Canada man I don't think we have them here but anyway it's Cheeba the Hut because I love Cheeba and Star Wars :D
  8. Oh word lol... Cool though! :D

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