Ordered an SSV :D

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by supersm0ke, Jan 3, 2013.

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    temptation got me. snagged it on ebay for $186, with carrying case and all that stuff. looking forward to it ^_^ any words of wisdom for the unit from those who own one?

    and this for $50 - *aqua vape*
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    7th Floor does not warranty product purchased on Ebay unless it's from their store. Just a heads up.

    From 7th Floors site:

    "Vaporizers purchased from Ebay that are not sold under the 7thFloorSales account are not covered by warranty in any way, shape or form. Also, vaporizers purchased from the following are NOT covered by our warranty. We strongly advise against purchasing the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha vaporizers from these sellers:

    -dabuddhavaporizer.net (despite the name, this is NOT a 7th Floor, LLC site) "

  3. ah, so the claims on the listings of 3 year warranties is false? *pokes seller*
  4. Congrats..what color did you get?
  5. Yup, probably no warranty, unless they're an authorized seller, find their website on google and see if they are an authorized seller

    For example if you bought a vape from Puffitup on ebay, it would still have the warranty as puffitup would take care of it. I think othersidevapes and vapeworld are authorized too, but have to double check

    too late now anyways, 7th floor will fix it for $25 if need be, and the SSV is pretty dang solid, so you'll be fine for the most part
  6. Man dont worry about the warranty. From what i have read those things are durable as hell. Just care for your vape and im sure you won't even need the warranty.

  7. i wanted metallic orange, but they said they only had black at the moment so i just went with it. *pic*

    ebay store's website if you were curious.

    and O: that doesn't sound bad.

    after owning a pax, you have no idea how hard i'ma make sure it stays lookin like new.

  8. Dude that thing is going to be nothing like taking care of your Pax trust me.
  9. This haha. My SSV has never revieved a smidgen of anything bud related. The unit itself is untouched by weed. It shouldn't even smell.

    The wand on the other hand....well its good its glass right?

    Enjoy your SSV you'll love it, and don't sweat the warranty. If centuries pass and something happens to go wrong with your SSV its 25 bucks at a maximum to get it fixed. Mines been left running for months on end, and been dropped without a scratch.
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    *EDIT* nvm figured it out.
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    when i was looking for an easy water filter solution to attach to it, since that seems to be regarded so highly, i came across this. bought one :bongin:

    The Aqua Vape


    anddd lol someone hooked one up to an arizer solo


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