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Ordered a volcano

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by J@R3D, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Lucky, you wont regret it.

    Have you used one?
  2. Nope, just old skool wooden box ones when i was a kid. I searched around on here for a couple hours readin about it, seemed like a real good investment. Herd it saves quite a bit on bud as well, and in iowa its hard to get ahold of dank. Any tips on cleaning, yadayaada
  3. If it comes with all that bonus stuff it's a good deal. I paid $440 at a head shop in town for the basic package...

    Not only does it help you get more out of your weed, but you can re-use the vaped weed by making canna-butter with it. Enjoy :smoke:
  4. Great buy! Comes with a lot of free stuff too!

    Toke on! :smoke:
  5. Where are you about? I get dank quite a bit in IA.
  6. Gratz! I been pondering about getting me one of them.
  7. A volcano is a nice investment, i'm sure you'll love it. I gotta get me one...
  8. Yeah thats probably going to be a Christmas present for myself this year.
  9. Yea i cant wait, should be here by fiday, im gonna try and take a day off from smokin to clear my head before i tear it up. SlimPickins im just north of the DMI in Atown, im new to iowa so i dont no a whole lot of dank hooks, its not to hard to find, just takes a day or two to get my order in its all good though, for the first like, 8 months i lived here however i didnt think there was anything to be found but swag, i only know a handfull of people that do nug, cheap ass college fuckers...
  10. If the description is right, i think you got a good deal. I don\'t have trouble finding dank in iowa, just paying for it. Slim pickins, do you go to iowa? i live about an hour from ic, and was thinking of enrolling there.
  11. That's an awesome purchase, one that you won't regret.

    I have a box style one and I would love a volcano, but the price holds me back. I will hopefully have one eventually in the future, most likely not though.
  12. i actually JUST TODAY ordered basically the same exact package off of ebay.. except i got mine for $510 :)
  13. You wont be disappointed. It comes with a power inverter and that sweet case? Thats awesome.
  14. i'm looking to invest in one as well. any day now :D
  15. You will never regret your purchase.
    If you have questions once you get it, PM me.
  16. i saw the same product for near $700 at my local headshop, so id say you got a good deal.

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