Ordered a new piece!

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  1. So pretty much I ordered a piece from China because my previous one was stolen and its been about 19 days and the seller guarantees it in 23 days, so pretty much if i dont get it in 4 days then I get a refund. But anyways, I am just wondering if you guys had any troubles with a piece being stuck in customs like mine? I uploaded a picture of the tracking info. I live about 1 hour from Los angeles but it has been there for 9 days..

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  2. vary common when import glass buy local and you wont have that problem
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  3. i get all my shit from dhgate quicka'n a mafukka
  4. I've ordered stuff from China before (never glass), it usually takes a long time.
    China is not known to be honest, so I'm sure US customs does very thorough inspections.
  5. Ya i used dhgate too :/ did ur packing go through la isc?
  6. they best to me ship time was 39 hrs
  7. damn, i talked to the usps lady and she says customs can take up to a month.. this fucking sucks

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