ordered a new bong, should I get an ashcatcher?

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  1. okkkay soo i ordered a full sized double showerhead syn tube and was wondering if its worth getting a crazy ash catcher too or would it just add drag ?
  2. I will say yes, because if I was buying i bong, I'd want all the perks.
  3. More percs doesn't necessarily mean better. Ash catchers are there to keep ash out of the main piece, preventing grime buildup. Ash catchers will always add drag. I personally believe A/C's are a good investment if you'll be using flowers, for oils they're a waste.
  4. Depends on what you're smoking out of it. I'd get one though. You could always get a matching SYN Showerhead ashcatcher to match the tube well.
  5. I wouldn't get an ashcatcher. If you have a double showerhead, adding another inline or whatever just kind of clutters it.
    I think a/c's are great for regular tubes with no percs.

  6. I dont think he meant percs as in percolators, i think he meant perks as in advantages/attachments for GonG bongs. I, would get an ash catcher. Just because my bong gets gnarly without it and it absolutely angers me, im very OCD. It could also help with cleaning, because you could sit there for a good minute trying to get a couple pieces of greens you sucked through/chunks of ash through your percs, especially with 2 of them.
  7. I think he DID mean percolators since SYN makes one. I'll agree with anyone that thinks on this piece, it's a waste. I like A/Cs on tubes without much diffusion of their own, but on a double showerhead, I think I'd pass on it and deal with any cleaning issues it may have. Maybe later on down the line after I'd had it for a while and could see how it was without.
  8. Get a carbon filter, no ash in the bong, smoother hits, probably less drag than a ash catcher and it will keep your glass clean longer.

  9. He clearly meant perks as in advantages, that's why he spelled it perk and formed his sentence as he did.
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    CARBON ADAPTER! your lungs will thank you when your 50 and can still run a 7m mile without coughing up a black lung

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