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  1. so I placed an order on herbies a while ago and by now I've got the notification that my order is in the US and today I just got a notification that it has been processed through ISC in New York and is now in transit. Does this mean it's made it passed customs or is this tracker just bullshitting, it doesn't say that my package has left ISC just that it has been processed
  2. At a guess if its got into the country and is being processed in the country I'd say you're on to a winner and you've slipped past customs
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  3. It's in transit that means its going

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  4. Thanks guys this is my first order so I'm kinda of excited and impatient, also not sure about how international mail works and goes through customs so I thought I'd ask
  5. You should be getting it soon!
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  6. So this should be good? I live in southwest PA

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  7. Did you get your order
  8. Yep just usps sucks is all took like 3 more days than it shouldve

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