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  1. Here's all the info I have;
    *DIY cab made from entertainment stand, No ventilation holes. Only a 20" fan blowing during lights on.

    *Happy Tree Frog soil

    *exact age unknown, but has been in flower 3-5 weeks. Decided to harvest with the trichome method. (Received from a friend with a brown thumb...)
    Strain and S/I dominance unknown, but from the tall tale thin sugar leaves and internodal length I feel comfortable assuming mostly sativa.

    *6-23w 2700k spiral cfl on a 7->1 e27 splitter
    2- 30w 3:1 R/B LED (about 10w actual) on the left and right relative to the cfl's
    And a makeshift aluminum foil cab liner.

    *Using Advanced Nutrients "Grow Micro Bloom" with "Big Bud" and "Rhino Skin"
    Just did a salt flush 2 days before the picture with florakleen. (Been playing with the measurements)

    *My first grow that made it to flower,
    Absolutely not a green thumb.
    I have no clue what I should actually be doing and probably have done more harm than good to this poor hardy plant.


    With all the information I can think of on the table, I humbly request that someone more experienced than me, might inform me in what order are the priorities for gradually building a grow.

    My view is somewhat like this;

    Medium -> Light -> Nutes -> Air Flow...

    As you can see, my list is far short of the comprehensive information available out there but no matter how much I read and learn I run into this main problem:
    "What is it, that is most imperative I spend money on mext"

    My wife is always in my ear about the small 120$ I've put in this, so I've got to think hard about what would be most beneficial right now, as compared to after or before other things.
    For good reason though, I honestly shouldn't even be trying to afford this lol
    But it makes me happy.

    Basically I'm stuck between all the pretty BS I read about how this and that benefits plants, does anyone have any recommendations for my next smart financial move?

    (My funds are looking like 50$ Biweekly)
  2. In my opion, in order..

    Lights are number one. You can have all the best nutes, the best soil, the best ventilation, the best gentics but it doesnt mean shit if you dont have the light power.

    Number 2 would be ventilation. It is so important to have good airflow. Bad airflow leads to mold, heat issues, poor growth and other issues. Your plant needs to breathe.

    Number 3 would be medium and nutes. This has many variables as there are many different styles of growing. Hydro? Coco? Soil? Orgaincs? Amd with in each of thoughs styles there are many different nutrients.

    In all honesty all 3 items need to be good. There really isnt a priority becuz the plants need all 3 of them equally. But if you have to put it into budget... Cough up the money for good lights... Cfls dont cut it. With good lights comes heat... So ventilation comes second. Nutes and meaduim 3rd becuz you can get pretty good nutes for cheap.
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  3. Considering I don't have any good ventilation, from where I am should I go
    Ventilation->Lights to avoid heat and C02 issues?

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  4. Again. Lights are number 1.
    Look into leds as they produce alot less heat then hps.

    Idk if you care about smell. Only way to fight smell is carbon filter.. No other eay around it. Also idk if your growing in a box or an open room.

    If its in a box you need an intake and exhasut port. Intake can be positive while exhaust uses a fan.

    You dont need anything crazy. A simple duct fan can do the job along with a small fan to circulate some air.

    Go on youtube and look at peoples grows, you will learn tons of info and ideas.
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  5. I work for a hydro shop building grow rooms. First before plants are even thought of the space must be set. Ventilation being key. Once that is done set lighting. Medium for growing will then determine nutrients needed.

    Lose the aluminum foil. White paint is much better.
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