Order of operations

Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, May 18, 2004.

  1. No, damnit, this isn't math class. I hate math....

    I have a 1 gram muffin left from my Cedar Point trip, and approximately 1.3 grams of shrooms left. I also have a large amount of 2c-i, but I'm only gonna use about 10mg.

    Here's where i need some help. What order should I take all these in? I thought about it for a little bit. I think I should take the 2c-i first, since it lasts the longest. Then after about an hour of tripping from that, I'll eat the shrooms. The shrooms are in 4 gelcaps, so those will take a lil time to disolve. So I'll wait another 45 minutes and eat the weed muffin. I want to maximize the combination of the drugs so I get the most intense high possible. I want the weed muffin to kick in while I'm tripping on the shrooms and 2c-i. Hopefully I'll score a dime or something to smoke while I'm mad fucked up.

    Any suggestions?
  2. wow. have fun. i dont have experience with some of those drugs but would you get worn out somewhere in the middle and decide to quit on the rest of the operations left?
  3. my suggestion would be take the 2c-i..... wait about 45 minutes, then eat the weed muffin, wait about an hour after that then down the shrooms, thats jus how i would do it cuz that way everythin would peak like all at once, i'm not real certain on how long 2c-i takes to peak, but i think its like that.

    edit: speaking of order of operations, anybody got any suggestions for me this weekend? cuz i'm hopefully eatin ecstasy, 3 hits of acid, and 600mg of dxm, haha i think that'd be pretty sweet.
  4. ^^^
    | | |


    I was trying to think of how the order of operations went
    it goes like "please mother....d....a.....s...." to stoned to remember but i will think of it later.
  5. where in michigan u at? i wasnt smart enough to squeak through physics but my friends are goin on the cedar point trip and baking brownies for it

  6. Rochester, in Oakland County. "I'm smokin mad tree in the R-O-C"

    We went to Cedar Point last week on Thursday. We ended up smoking a few joints and a bowl before the bus, then I ate two of the brownies on the bus. It kept me ripped all day at the park. I think Cedar Point has an actualy "Physics Day" where most of the high school physics classes go at the same time, but our school went last week so there wouldn't be too many people at the park at once.

    I'm failing physics right now. I have my exam for it tomorrow, but I'm not expecting to get a passing grade on that, either. I just hope I can get by with at least a D-....
  7. Is that high school physics? High school was easy for me, I got like an 85%.

    Im having the hardest time ever in Physics 2 at university though. I had a test a few days ago, I only knew how to do 2 of the 5 questions...

    Damn electricity chapter, it confuses the fuck out of me.
  8. ^^^ yah u got it lol. Only thing u 4 got is parenthesis.
  9. heh.. it's BEDMAS
    brackets (parenthesis)
    d.... something lol division that's it!
  10. I said NO MATH, DAMNIT!!!

    Oh ya, I completely forgot to tell about the trip. I took the 2c-i and it took a little bit longer than usual to kick in. I popped the shroom pills about an hour and a half after the 2c-i. After I started feeling the 2c-i we smoked a few bowls. Then I went driving with a friend and was flipping. I remember looking out the window at some grass, then I looked back into his car and everything inside it was green. That's when I knew the shrooms kicked in. Even though it was only 1.3 grams, I could tell that it helped intensify the 2c-i. The whole thing lasted about 6 hours. It was interesting, but I don't think I'll do shrooms and 2c-i together unless I can get at least an eighth of mush and take 20mg.
  11. damn, reading this made me want to trip so bad today.. i drank the rest of my robo (about half a bottle), smoked a big bowl of dank, and ate up some vicodin.. only thing i really felt was the weed... oh well... im really tired now from the bud and dxm, and i still gotta review for finals :(

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