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Discussion in 'General' started by The Widow White, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering why the "how to grow" portion of the forum is seemingly hidden at the bottom of the "forums" page? It seems to me that a site who's mission is sharing information with other growers and spreading the wide world of weed around to the masses, would have the critical info on how to do this more up toward the top of the forum page where it is more obvious to those just coming into the community and easier for them to see. Instead, all that super important information is buried up under tons and tons of crap about bongs, water pipes, vaping pens, etc. Heck, I think the "sex, love and relationships" thread even comes before the "how to grow" information. Just a thought. TWW
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  2. So the wrong people have a harder time finding it... xD "we" know where it is, but if u didn't know... a simple google search will unveil everything on this site...
  3. Imagine if the cops typed "grass city, grow" they would have a ball with 3/4 members on this site... They'd just go thru the "GJ" on ppl that have posted pics of the inside of there setups everywhere lol, then all the ppl asking for help who live in "illegal" states, they'd have ppl being paid who can track u...
  4. Well you know, every thread gets bumped everytime someone responds. Could maybe perhaps have something to do with that?

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