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Order is still in Pre-shipping

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bws09, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. I placed my order the 18th of July.
    The 302$ has been taken from my bank account.
    My order is still in pre-shipping.
    I did my research after buying the products ( not very smart on my half )
    and I am a bit worried about the shipping/arrival date of my items.
    I live in the southern-ish part of California.

    Here are the items I ordered.

    1. Black Leaf - Aluminum Window Herb Grinder - 4 part - 52mm - Black
    2. Myco Digital Pocket Scale - MZ-100
    3. Salvia Divinorum Leaves - 5 Grams
    4. Blaze Glass - Premium 6-arm Perc Cylinder Ice Bong - Black
  2. all i can say is you payed 54$ for a $5 scale and 45$ for like a $20 grinder
  3. Just wait a bit. And with the salvia, I hope you know to to extract it, because you are buying the leaves, you won't really "trip" unless you smoke alot of it. And even then the trip will not be the same.
  4. And everything you purchased seems very overpriced.
  5. I wouldn't be too worried man. Ive heard negative things about the GC such as slow shipping, but nothing else too serious. They're a legit company so I wouldn't be worried about the arrival of the products. The shipping might take longer then expected though
  6. Free shipping stuff usually takes a few extra days for some bullshit reason. Probably so you just pay for the upgraded S&H.

    Was yours free shipping?
  7. Yes free shipping, because the order was 250$+
    And I basically got 315$ for free, so I'm not worried about what I paid.
    As for the salvia, no idea how to extract it, any tips?
  8. Should have done my research lol, found the same scale for like 20$, and couldn't find a same grinder, but it's cool now I know for the future.
  9. [quote name='"Bws09"']Should have done my research lol, found the same scale for like 20$, and couldn't find a same grinder, but it's cool now I know for the future.[/quote]

    With the regular leaves, chew them. Don't swallow the leaves, but chew on them. Spit out the leaves afterwards. It's more potent this way rather than smoking, so be careful. Always have a sitter when taking hallucinogens.
  10. Okay cool thanks!
    So like shrooming, but just don't swallow.
  11. [quote name='"Bws09"']Okay cool thanks!
    So like shrooming, but just don't swallow.[/quote]

    You shouldn't have to chew shrooms.. Besides. No discussion of other drugs on GC. Stick to pot.
  12. Yeah, a handful of skittles is all you need for whatevs unmentionables you guys could or could not be referring to.

    Sour is best though.
  13. Say what?

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