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  1. the site im ordering from isnt replying n i searched the shit out of google n grasscity but no luk

    i know u need a bong+dome+nail to smoke waxes n oils

    bong :

    7 mm Straight
    14/18 mm Vertical Slit Diffused Downstem
    Slide: 14 mm Male Clear Four Pinch Slide Included

    nail :

    Size: Short 14 mm
    Thickness: 3 mm Thick Glass

    dome :

    Vapor Dome Joint: 14 mm Female

    please look at the sizes too in case i got something wrong,,, i mean regarding male/female and sizing

    my question is ,

    will these 3 fit the way they are or do i need some kind of an adapter or any other thing to make them work?

    is the purpose of a 45 adapter to make it so the dome and nail straight instead of an angle?

  2. rly ? no one? thx

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