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order gone wrong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purpleKINKAJOU, May 26, 2010.

  1. long story short. me and my friend placed an online order, sent it to someone's house who would be cool with it (were gonna call her sally), but of course sally's parents were suspicious and wanted to see what was in the package. one thing leads to the next and boom. i have no bong, no sweet ash catcher, and im out 100 bucks.:(
    lesson learned: don't do online orders to anyone elses house but your own
    by the way: im goin up to the headshop this weekend hopefully to get something similar to what i ordered, but of course its gonna be ten times more expenseive
  2. so weak, whyd sally say she could get it to her house if her parents were gonna fuck with it
  3. Indeed, that IS weak. WTF? Don't be all "send it here, it'll be fine!" unless you're sure. Bad "Sally".

    Is this a new-ish friend, or perhaps someone who would desperately want to feel useful for some reason? That might make a person agree to something like that.
  4. to be honest, i don't really know "sally" to well, she's a friend of my friend who ordered with me and i guess he thought that she was reliable. but i guess not, hopefully shell pay me back, at least partially, or somehow get the bongs back
  5. That fucking sucks, Sallys should give you a bj
  6. That's why you can never rely on someone else to do your job. The headshop should work but like you said, you'll either be settling for less or paying more. Either way though it's better than having a repeat of what happened with "Sally."
  7. If you're over 18 and someone who lives in the house authorized you to send it there, you go over to Sally's parents and tell them that was a perfectly legal purchase, you had permission to send it there, and they have no business taking your stuff and you'll be happy to call the cops over there to get it sorted out if they don't want to cough it up or give you the money for your property if they destroyed it.

    Unless of course you sent it in Sally's name. If Sally's over eighteen then they can't legally take it away from here. If she's under eighteen then lay low because you could easily pull a charge for contributing or providing contraband to a minor.
  8. I remember when I ordered a bong, it arrived and my mom was like "what's in it?"
    I was like 'mom gtfo my shit' and she said "you live under this house that we pay for so you better tell me what it is or i'll rip it open and kick you out onto the streets."
    I knew she was 100% right, so i did what any reasonable person would do in that situation and just said it was a dildo :D
    worked too
  9. Seems like Sally's gonna need to change that name to Becky.


  10. milk shot of the 'dildo' in use ?:smoke::bongin::smoking::ey:

  11. ^THIS^

    Excellent post, sir. +Rep
  12. okay, got some new intel today. i heard from my friend that she's gonna try and steal back the gear, but honestly how well will that go over? and even if she can do it, what are her parents gonna think when they discover that two bongs magically disappeared?
  13. When ever I order stuff from grasscity my mom hands me the package and says nothing lol.. It says what it is on the top of the box because it has to go through customs.. But I would be pissed, but you can't mad at her, you shoulda got it shipped to your house in the first place
  14. #14 Glass Clown, May 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 29, 2010
    They're going to know exactly what happened.

    So answer this for us:

    1. Are you old enough in your jurisdiction to purchase bongs on the internet? Could you legally buy this shit in a head shop locally?

    2. Is Sally old enough to buy it?

    3. Whose name did it arrive in, your or Sally's?

    My logic is going to get a little complicated here, but I haven't blazed yet so it should be fairly clear.

    Some places you have to be 19 to purchase in a head shop.

    If you sent it in your name and both you and Sally are old enough to purchase in a headshop then you can go over there and demand your property. If they don't give it to you then you can call the police and file charges. What the implications of this are with Sally, Sally's parents, and your parents are your business. Legally speaking, unless that particular item is illegal in your jurisdiction, they cannot tamper with the mail, that's federal offense. In that case, it's your property sent to that house with the permission of an adult that lives there.

    Any other scenario you may have problems. If she's 18 and the purchasing age is 19 then either you or her is looking at probably a misdemeanor charge if you sent it in her name. If you sent it in your name I think you're okay even if she is not old enough to purchase in a head shop, AS LONG AS SHE'S OVER 18. In these cases, if you steal the stuff back they are going to know exactly who did it and where they went (unless Sally doesn't know where you live or can't identify you, because trust me, she will roll on you in a heartbeat when the cops threaten her.) You will end up in a legal mess and your shit will go in evidence and you may draw charges. Even if it is your property and you steal it back, the cops are going to side with the parents and you can expect them to show up at your house armed with a drug dog or a warrant because they know what that shit's used for regardless of the disclaimer that it's only for tobacco. Your parents are likely to let them in without a warrant and let them point the drug dog at your room.

    If Sally is under 18 and you sent the stuff in her name DO NOT STEAL THEM BACK! You are looking at possible felony charges depending on your jurisdiction.

    If the reason you're not confronting Sally's parents about your legal property is because you don't want your parents to know, if you steal them back, or maybe if you don't, you will be fucked in that regard anyway.

    Your best bet is to go to her parents and talk to them, tell them it's your property that you paid good money for and you'd like it back. They will respect that. And the truth is, whatever they're going to do about this business they are probably going to do anyway whether you do that or not.

    Once again, though, if Sally is under 18, lay low and start praying and consider this an expensive lesson.

    And do a search on "general delivery" and dig my posts on shipping things to general delivery at your local post office.
  15. I forgot about the part where you did this with a friend. Was it his credit card or yours. If it's his then he's on the hook for this thing. If it's yours, you are. I see you said you were going to go to the head shop and buy replacements so that means you're old enough for all this. The variable remains Sally's age.
  16. did you ever consider sally just told you that and kept the bong?

  17. for thought.

  18. if this ends up happening when you figure it out. You got OWND!
  19. If sally did in fact take it, remember; what comes around goes around
  20. I'd bet a dollar Sally's parent's have been passing your bong since they "confiscated" it and are both baked right now:smoking:

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