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  1. Placed my first online order ever through marijuana-seeds.nl and so far have been very pleased.

    Sent an email asking if they knew how long on average it takes to get the seeds to the midwest, and received a reply within twelve hours saying that it should take 10-12 days, and that the max is 25 but that is very rare.

    The prices are good, will be ordering from them again as soon as the first shipment arrives.

    If and when it does arrive I will post updating feedback from them.

    So far so good.
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    You'll love how you must sign for the package and the creepy feeling of having to wait in line at a federal building to pick up your beans.

    And I wasn't impressed with the germing rate 50%. Compensation was in the form of promise of 5 new beans on next order.

    Needless to say that elsewhere is on my mind.
  3. Wait, you have to sign for the delivery?
  4. Yes. At least this was my experience.

    So if you sent it with a fake name - you'll never be able to pick them up.
  5. i had to sign and dident show any i.d .....just sign and go
  6. Were you at the post office or at your house?

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