Orchard Lounge is performing in NYC -> May 13th

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  1. Orchard Lounge Residency
    Club Love
    Thursday May 13th 2010

    Electric is the love.

    Tickets are $20 at the door, unless you feel like spending only $15 through the presale on lostinsound, but why would you do that right? Wink. Here's the event page on fb

    is Orchard Lounge!
    Orchard Lounge

    Jeff Bujak - Intelligent Dance Music

    Jeff Bujak is a Northampton, MA based keyboardist/producer/composer who has fathered a new style of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) that dives deep in the waters of complex live electronica. Following no rules or boundaries with his songwriting, tied with his fathomless talent of live improvisation, Bujak is carving a new path in the music scene one live performance at a time. Bujak's newest full-length release on Harmonized Records, "Alive Like the Spine" tests and pushes the walls of what's being done in the electronica community and crosses into classical, progressive rock and jazz territories to create something truly fresh, smart and original. Finally, something different.

    D.V.S* (Derek VanScoten) op MySpace Music

    D.V.S* is the musical vision of Brooklyn based Guitarist/ Producer/ DJ named Derek VanScoten. Armed with a tricked out Telecaster guitar, a lightbrite controller, and a red laptop, D.V.S* combines big dancefloor beats with vintage soul melodies and modern rock textures. The result is a soulful and vibrant energy seldom attained in the realm of beat-based music. Now more than ever, music lovers are gravitating towards artists that are dropping dancefloor beats dressed with sexy textures and articulate melodies. D.V.S* sets the crowds into motion with stylistic mashups, merging Hip Hop with Soul, and Dubstep & with Rock N' Roll.

    Having recently toured as a solo artist supporting Ana Sia, Big Gigantic, Beats Antique, Boombox, Lynx & Janover, JFJO, and M80 Dubstation, D.V.S* is well on his way to carving his space in the vast world of electronica.


    Quickly becoming a familiar face on the NYC EDM scene, Higher Nebulae (Charlie Brick) is settling into the tech/prog/deep house and minimal niche.

    From warm-up to set break to the late night festival get-down, he combines deep and dirty "4 on the floor" action with familiar favorites and unexpected old school gems.​


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