Oranges are orgasmic when high

Discussion in 'General' started by beefybud, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. or any sweet fruit for that matter
  2. Sweet, dude.
  3. well fruit is awesome man,
    its only common sense that its even better high, fruit is a stoners best friend
  4. Yeah when your high it's goood but i don't enjoy fruit that much especially with oranges because they differ so much in each other lol.
  5. Orgasms are orgasmic when high.
  6. I like the oranges you can peel easy, otherwise its not worth gettin all sticky and shit when your high
  7. i like tengarines more :hello: but oranges are bomb too
  8. that's funny, just last night i found this out for myself. that was my best eating experience in quite some time.
  9. clementines>all other fruit
  10. I feel yah man.
    The last time I had fresh pineapple while stoned off my ass my brain nearly exploded from sensory overload. It was the most heavenly thing ever that... well... words can't do the experience justice. I'd imagine oranges would be similar... perhaps slightly milder yet equally satisfying.


  11. <3 ,.....
  12. Why have an orange when you could have a kiwi?
  13. by god what a brilliant idea, that would just butter my bread
  14. Clementines>All
  15. I try to keep a lot of fruit and yogurt and such around because it's healthy and just as tasty (if not more) then junk food and such.
  16. Green Grapes
  17. I really like Granny Smith or Gravenstein Apples when I'm medicated, but yeah, ALL fruit tatstes much better. For that matter, EVERYTHING tastes better when high. Which is why before I take a bit I take a toke. As much as humanly possible.

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