Orange + White swirls

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  1. My first piece I bought, help with names :p




  2. looks pretty good. how much u pay?

    it looks like a "Nemo"

    or you could name it "twister" or somethin
  3. I paid $25 for it, I just thought of the name "Tony the Tiger" :)
  4. That's a good name.

    Don't ask other people to name your pieces for you. That's something the owner of the piece, and only the owner, should have the privilege of doing :)
  5. what's the point of making the end pointy?
  6. Candycane
    Ol Daddy Cane

  7. design
  8. Tony the fuckin tiger. That is a sick name, haha. And the bowl looks HUGE! Good pick up dude.
  9. Nice snag man, I started with a bowl a little smaller then that and a month later ended up with a expensive bong!

    Happy Tokin Brotha! :)
  10. ive never named a piece in my life..............but yet a names comes into mind....

  11. dude name it like
    NEMO from finding nemo :D
  12. Zildjian - Yeah the bowl is a monster, one of the reasons I bought it :) thanks

    iSmoker - Yeah I'm kind of happy, I didn't want a little $10 bowl, and got this for $25, I might go back and get somethin for $35 or $40.
    Happy toking to you too ;)
  13. Lmaooo Twisterrr, plus rep maynn =]
  14. I am so sick of people coming here and posting pictures of their spoons asking for names. Not taking any shots at you I am just saying that naming a piece should be something you and your friends do after the first couple bowls out of it.
  15. lol, my buddy picked up a bowl recently and named it tony the tiger as well. has the orange/blue swirls going on all over it, but i like the design of yours a lot better. for $25, can't go wrong!
  16. That looks pretty sweet man.
  17. Just smoked a bowl with it, I am fucked up.

    The only thing I don't like about this is the smoke is so fucking harsh

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