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    So my this person I met is growing a plant, and has commissioned me to figure out the problem. Ocean forest soil, 1/2 strength growbig every other watering, 5 26watt cfl. Has been hot at times, as hes been working on a successful ventilation system. He just started using growbig last week.

    Also: could this be from splashing some on the leaves?

    Help! He only has one plant going and doesnt want fungus to overtake his girl!

    sooo its only on one of the lower leaves so far, but the other lower leaves appear to be developing a similar condition. And Im not sure if this helps, but the leaves above the first row, including the new growth, are starting to look pale around the edges. Thanks everyone!

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  2. :laughing:

    Have you read the Plant Abuse Chart?
  3. OK who,s plant is it come on man

    OH YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you i mean your friends plant has been over ferted
    FLUSH NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ha well it isnt my plant guys, I promise! I don't even smoke weed...

    ANYhow I have indeed read the chart xen its just that as this is my friends one and only plant and very first grow; he doesnt want to misdiagnose the condition and proceed to screw himself over by fixing a problem that doesnt exist. If you guys are as sure as you can get on it being nute burn, my friend will def do a flush. Now, Ive searched for how to perform a flush appropriate to this situation, but cant find much. Help would be appreciated. Thanks again this forum is amazing!
  5. Imho,it's just some heat stress.
    Give her regular water for the
    next few feeds just in case.
    Good luck, :bongin:
  6. cool thanks guys.
  7. My vote is for heat stress.

    If it was a matter of splashing stuff on the leaves, it would be all over and not as neat as it looks on the plant right now.

    You, I mean your buddy, needs to get the ventilation system under control. That is going ot make growing tricky.

    And you're getting experience with growing, so why not try it too? I mean, you don't want 'your friend' to always have all the fun. lol

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