Orange peels with your bud?

Discussion in 'General' started by hydrohippie1, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. My friend was talking to me about putting orange peels in your jar if your going to be keeping the bud for awhile, is this true? I haven't heard of doing that before? I'm getting a ounce of some pretty good nug and im hoping it will last me a couple weeks. I guess im kinda wondering what the best way to store it is. I have had ounces of pot before but never planned on savoring it before haha.
  2. The best way to store your bud is in an air-tight mason jar, but for smaller amounts I usually just use a film cannister/pill bottle.

    As for the orange peel thing, I couldn't tell you really. I've heard of putting apple slices with your bud too, but its pretty much stuff my friend's have told me, which I don't hold as fact.
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  3. Some people will use orange peels to rehydrate really dry bud. I don't recommend it, you'd be risking mold.
  4. I've heard this can cause your bud to mold (rotting orange peal in the bag would do that im guessing).
  5. orange peels or bread for 30 minutes max
  6. Yeah i did the mistake of keeping it in the bag for like 3 days. The bud was sticky ass shit. But not the good kinda sticky. It didnt break up well at all. But the upside was that the joint stayed lit forever. And the bud smelled like oranges.

  7. That sounds abotu right. Take his advice, because he wins the thread.
  8. If you put orange peels in it your askin for mold an ounce should be fine in an airtight jar for a month or so. If you get mold on your maryjane it's hard to make it salvagable so I wouldn't try it if I were you
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  9. long term storage is best in a zip lock or tupper ware type container, put it in the container, and put that container in a freezer.

    No freezer? Well now, you need to get the weed super dry without using heat (dehydrators work great for this).

    Dry it.
    store it in a tupper ware dish, with an open bag of rice.
  10. Cool im not going to put it with anything ill just stick it in a mason jar. I didnt even think about mold. Im really glad i asked. Thanks blades
  11. I've personally heard of apples. Never heard of orange peels, but I'm sure it will work. I believe you can leave it in there for 8ish hours before risking your bud getting moldy, but I wouldn't try it for that long. I'd probably go with a few hours max.
  12. im not the greatest advice giver... but...


  13. Sorry to wake this thread from the dead, but that is a bad idea. It makes the trichromes brittle and they fall off the bud.
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  14. Yup. I did the same type of thing. I put some of my weed I grew last year in a bag of weed I bought while mine was drying. I thru in a few buds in the night before to give a friend at work..It made the good cured weed all sticky icky nasty
  15. I use orange peels that have been completely dehydrated (70° f for 24 hrs) for curing mid grade ounces purchased from the dispensary.
    Essentially it is a budget/eco friendly option, similar to one of those brown moisture packs that come in some of the top shelf jars.

    I usually only use one large piece of peel per day(only for active curing days), as it is fairly easy to keep a steady supply (stored in a mason jar and used oldest to newest), then toss it in with the rest of the used ones to make potpourri. PXL_20201207_224823680.jpg
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  16. The orange in contrast to the shade of green on the buds is somehow beautiful in an artistic way.

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