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Orange peels in the bag - Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Arborist1212, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Next question is on a subject I experimented briefly with not too long ago after hearing about it in another thread, but looked all over and couldn't get a definitive answer.

    Sometimes when weed is dry, orange peels can be put in the bag for an hour or so to moisten the bud. I'm aware of the dangers of mold, but what i'm asking is -does this do more harm than good? And does this alter the effectivness of the weed? I've heard bits and peices about the orange peels soaking up the THC, but nothing backed with evidence or facts.

    I would also liek to hear some alternatives, and the pros and cons of that compared to orange peels.
  2. it's not worth it just jar your herb. if your bud molds it's worthless.
  3. I do it all the time, but I keep my nugs in jars then when it goes dry I put a little peel or 2 in the jar with the meds making sure the wet side doesnt touch the buds, it wont mold that way, then you have fresh orangey buds :)
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    This was my experience. Because the bud was dry when I got it, Allowing the orange peels to sit in close proximity with the bud made them moist & sticky, fluffy, amazing smelling buds. Good attributes if for any reason you want your bud to become more desirable, and leaving less peels or not letting them sit as long can lighten the orange smell but keep the other qualities.

    I can't think of many things i liek better than the smell of sweet ganj with just enough orange scent...heaven.
  5. As said above, just use a jar and make sure it's not touching the weed. Just keep an eye on it, and as long as it's not in a bag it shouldn't be absorbing any of the THC.
  6. The orange peel in the jar trick works great.
  7. GOOD! Cant go wrong with it just make sure like others said that your green doesnt mold.
  8. Could you put the orange peels in a bag, stick that bag inside the jar with the weed? The weed touching the plastic bag of course..
  9. i think youre supposed to leave it in a cool, dark place like a basement. that or in the sun on a windowsil, but i dont think that would make much sense.

    im actually going to be doing this soon, because my homie just got a lot of buds but theyre really really dense (sooo flame and covered in trichromes) and im gonna see if the orange peel trick will fluff the buds up a little bit.

    just dont leave em in too long so mold starts.
  10. a tiny bit of orange peal will moisten bud
  11. any time i get compressed weed i throw a piece of lemon peel no different i just prefer the lemon scent in before i go to sleep and when i wake up im greeted with nice fluffly lemon buds
  12. So it looks like the main idea is to let the moisture flow between some citrus peels and the bud in an enclosed place (jar, tupperware ect.) as long as the peels and bud don't touch and don't keep them together for too long, yes??

  13. it definently fluffs the buds up, i basically revived my weed while adding a slight orange scent that didn't effect the taste. And it didn't seem to change the quality of the weed but i'll have to run some more tests :smoking: . Next time i try this i'll be sure to leave a control to make it easir to detect the changes and determine pros & cons.
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    will a lemon peel do? or does it have to be orange?

    nvm found an orange
  15. Wow everyone...

    To o.p:

    Don't do it. Just store your bud in a mason jar.

  16. Can someone answer why does it matter if the weed is dry/compressed? Unless youre vaping or cooking, its gonna get burned either way. Just nice having fluffier buds?
  17. Dry buds are just harsher to smoke.
    The orange peel trick works great. Fluffs them up and gives them back a little moisture.
    I just cut a small piece with a scissors about the size of a postage stamp if the end of a sack gets dry.

  18. I do store it in a mason jar, but it was pretty dry to begin with. It's easy to keep bud good & moist, I just want to hear other peoples method's and see what works best.

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