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Orange Peel

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gedge, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. My friends were telling me if I add an orange peel, or a lettuce peice into my bag of tree it'll bring out a nicer color in the buds, is that true?
  2. Ive heard that lettuce keeps it hydrated more, Maybe that makes the color change i never tired. I would only bother if you boought like 1/4 or more
  3. yeah I got alot more than that lol, I'm just trying to figure out how to make the buds look the most presentable.
  4. Idk about a nicer color, but i do know it give it a better scent to th bud, its called curing.

    And yea it works.

    U just gotta get a jar and put the bud in it and put a few orange peels, leave it there for about a week. and then open it back up, and wallaaaa!!!:smoke:
  5. Use a mason jar, there is somehting abuot mason jars that made the bud better or preserves it longer or sth
  6. it makes it smell good and more hydrated, but no color change.
    Ive also used a banana peel
  7. It works it will make your buds feel a lot denser and smell really nice, but don't leave the orange peels in for to long because it may cause your buds to grow mold. Leave the orange peels in the jar for about 4-6 hours that's all it should take.
  8. all shit shit does is bring some moisture into overdryed buds:)
  9. not one of you said the same thing.
  10. I've heard of peel and lettuce etc being used to add smell and moisture before... I personally won't unless I think my herb is a bit dry... haven't had that problem yet, so I haven't bothered.
  11. I've tried it, i dont know of any added smells, but it sure as hell does add moisture, overly dry weed burns to fast i hear, which is why a bit of moisture is neeeded

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