orange peel really works! How to increase your G status.

Discussion in 'General' started by kadookoo, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Started with 1g.
    Orange peel in jar.

    Well I put it in the jar with a baggy for 2 hours. First hour it increased .1g, 2nd hour it increased .2g! For a total of 1.3g.

    I increased my g status by +.3g :cool:

    Not only that, but it now has a slight orange-glo smell to it. :eek:
    Vape report: It definately has a slight exhale taste almost as if you've had an orange a few minutes ago and it's still in your mouth. hehehe.





  2. wait so you put your nug in the jar then take a zip lock and cut off the top and drop some orange peels in that and have the zip lock back just lay ontop of the nugs ?
  3. I heard lettuce works as well but orange flavored bud sounds good
  4. Yea but it will just dry back down and everytime you transport your bud you lose some. Just look at your scale. It looks like it was just snowed on.

  5. correct. And sealed that shit back up [mason jar] Tiiiightened, placed in a drawer. Only removed from jar twice, and that was to weigh.
  6. I used to do this back in the day with dried out ounces of dirty schwag and have a 5th legit quarter to sell
  7. While it may increase the weight of the marijuana, it does not add any more leaf, bud or thc. Which, as a result explains that the only reason the weight increases is due to moisture. You don't really have more bud (if your smoking it, you have wetter bud), but if you are selling it then that is a totally different story entirely.
  8. Would clementine peels work? I eat a box of clementines in a week. :smoke:
  9. or you could just lay out the buds next to your shower and put it on really hot so theres a lot of moisture that goes on your bud
  10. lol that would suck
  11. yea for sure. no doubt
  12. So whats the point of having it gain weight in grams? Does it make it more potent?
  13. If it weighs more then you can sell it for more. Not to mention people will like it better because they think it is some kind of rare orange herb.
  14. this usually causes mold...not to mention it can make your bud too moist to the point where it wont even burn in a blunt/joint. pretty pointless imo
  15. I don't see the big deal with all these "orange peel with marijuana" threads. The knowledge is simply for sellers trying to trick who they sell to, and people who.....want their weed to smell?
  16. If one was thinking of this on the marketing and distributing aspect, then it is no different at all, than cutting heroin and cocaine with baking soda and Tylenol. Obviously, you are not contaminating anything, but you could cause a customer to have moldy marijuana. These three things hold one thing in common: deception (unless you are smoking by yourself and not selling).
  17. Not always, it's often used by people who have dry weed and want it to become fresher, or used in a stage of curing.
  18. no...youre just supposed to leave it in for about an hour so you just moisture it a little bit and get rid of dryness. cause who likes smoking dry ass weed?

    of course if you leave it to long it will be to wet to burn and can mold. thats why your not supposed to fuck up.

  19. u cant really sell it for more unless u dont wnt custies comin back...say u sell .8 dubs, your acutally only baggin up like .5 n .6 n yeah they fluff out but they still break up to what .5 would break up whoever buys your shit prob wont weigh em out(dnt no alot of ppl who do unless they cop at least a half o) and they will just call u back and complain about the size and youll tell em weigh em out n if you dont like it call someone else...thats exactly what they are gonna do call someone else...

    but for the sole purpose of smokin, i used to hollow out full oranges with a spoon(exactly like a pumpkin) and store weed in them for a few hours...they normally got too wet to smoke right after you take em out but put it in a ziplock n leave it open for about a hour n daamn...turns shit got some fluffy, tasty(not really like a orange but a lil fruity)great smokin bud...
    i also used to use bananna peels...u wanna see a magic trick...but 2 peels in a ounce of shitty weed...let the peel turn brown n throw it out, air out the bud for 20 min...waait till you smoke that shit
  20. A friend of mine told me to do this so I put a big piece of peel in the pillbox my weed was in. Unfortunately he didn't tell me that you weren't supposed to leave it in, and I didn't end up smoking for over a week. When I finally opened up the pillbox... moldy weed. Not going to make that mistake again. Orange peel is useful when used correctly though, especially if you have really dry bud.

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