Orange Peel LSD ACID????

Discussion in 'General' started by salviatrip1, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. k i just put the toothpaste on the orange peels to let fermente for 3 weeks and burn the mold off and sqeeze the juice out..
    has anyone tried this before?? if so how long is the trip and any more info would be great thanks
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  3. LSD comes as a derivative of ergot, a wheat mold, it couldn't possibly be synthesised from orange peels and toothpaste, totally different sets of chemicals.
  4. let the guy do it

    are you seriously that desperate to trip?
  5. what he said, do it if youre that set on tripping.
    i would suggest real LSD though
  6. What sort of mold grows from the toothpaste and orange peel is the question everyone should be asking.

    The answer to that will also tell you whether or not it's bullshit.

    Does anyone even know?
  7. LSD is extremly hard to synthesize. If it were that easy, lsd would be plentiful and not fairly hard to find.

    Short answer = No

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