Orange leaf tips and general crappiness

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  1. I just got this clone from the dispensary the other day. I've never used the dispensary before but I got three clones. The one in the picture is blue cheese and we also got a purps clone and a hash plant clone. The purps and hash plant look really healthy, but this clone had it's leaf tips all effed up. Some of the leaf tips were actually dark brown/black and completely dried up and crispy. I ripped off the crispy parts so now they're half leaves. Just give me any advice you can on nursing this thing back to health. I moved it from the cup into a 1 gallon pot filled with fox farm ocean blend. Also, the leaves that are relatively healthy looking have orange on the tips and they're slightly curling up. Thanks for any help you can provide.:smoke:

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  2. i think you should go get your money back if thats how you bought it
  3. Just give it some time. I wouldn't fool with the leaves anymore than you already have, they will be useless in a matter of weeks anyways. Give a small amount of both Nitrogen and Phosphorous to the plant, N will promote vegetative growth, while P will promote root growth, but i think FF soil should be enough. Not all clones will survive.
  4. Thanks man do you think I should cut those leaves off and if so, where?
  5. I've gotten clones like that before, it will perk up leave all the leafs on it until it has like 4 healthy leafs on it
  6. id cut off the really really messed up parts of the leaves like some of the tips but leave the green. then just always keep the soil moist for a couple weeks and it should grow some new leaves and a lot of roots hopefully

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