orange ladies with a "g" below the lady symbol

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bobgnarley1212, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. whos had these?
    if so who knows wat theyre cut?
    they were in the san diego area
  2. I've had white naked ladies with a "g" spot. Around here that means they are coated in acid.
  3. rolls are almost never coated in acid, it doesn't really matter what your dealer tells you. acid is a very hard to come by chemical. maybe 1 out of every 1000 rolls that are supposedly coated in lsd-25 actually contain acid. most likely 2cb or some other research chemical.
  4. The orange ones seem to be a MDMA/Meth mix. I ate one last week, and was tweaking pretty bad (typical of a meth-cut).

    Your white g-ladies didn't have acid on them. People probably assumed this after eating them, because they contained MDA (which is extremely visual). The "g" spot doesn't mean they have acid on them, it's just a common press.
  5. I have had a pink "G's Up, Hoe's Down" and it was really legit.

  6. I snorted two lines of purple crystal MDA and licked a crystal and didnt get much visuals.

    I was coming down from DOI tho.

    took a pill like a week later no visuals. why?
  7. i took a legit g visuals...then i smoked, then WOWW:eek::D
  8. Uh... MDA is an off-white crystal... Not purple...

    And also, snorting any of the MDxx chemicals reduces their effectiveness.

    So chances are you didn't get the full effects because: 1.) Your crystal was purple, thus indicating your product was not very pure; and 2.) You snorted it. MDxx doesn't work very well when snorted.

    MDA is the most psychedelic of the MDxx chems. A lot of people report very strong visuals off MDA. Not everyone does (everyone is different), but A LOT of people do.
  9. The old-skool G-Ladies were some of the better rolls to come through in a long time. Then all the copy-cats came out, which were mostly really low-dose pills. Some were adulterated with other shit, but for the most part they were just weak as fuck.

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