Orange Juice!

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  1. Made ya look huh haha.

    So I was fillin up my rez tonight and I had this genius idea to fill up a gallon oj bottle of distilled (after washing it out a bunch....without soap cause im sketchy on bleach) then I pHed it and put the water in my rez (no pH shock for the little uns) Heres my question, is it gonna fuck up my plants to have water that came outta an OJ (with the sugar in mind) despite the fact i washed it out with regular water? I mean its not like I put extract in my rez or anything. So...should I drain my rez right away before its too late or is it cool?

    JJJJUUUustttt makin sure....cause fish like algae not pot. Plus I already have a mold issue I have to take care of with some hydrogen itd suck to just stack on the stress.
  2. Hey Mick (no racist punt intended)! lol

    People have been introducing things like molasses, orange juice and lemon juice to the feeding(in the water) a week prior to flushing. From giving it a certain smell to increase the taste... w.e, its dumb IMO.

    Sugars do ferment and that makes your plant (in this certain situation) susceptible to fungus... You however cleaned the bottle thuroughly ...(Do not be scared of bleach, its my bestfriend for keeping things sterile and bacteria free, and I would like to introduce you to her :p) Although orange smell still lingueres in the OJ container, It will soon go away and will not affect your plants in a grand scale to any......)

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    lol whats up og, its cool man cant help it when yer a mick:p

    thanks for the feedback btw. I had it pHed perfectly and right after I filled up my aerogarden it plummeted below 4.5 so i couldnt even read it. Initially I was like shit! The oj haha, but its algae and left over pH downer built up. This AG is proving to be much harder to keep clean than I thought. Im gonna move 4 to a 4 gal. rez and leave one in the AG (runt) to see if it survives. Thanks for itroducing me amigo to your friend bleach, im gonna scrub the hell out of my AG. Do you think bleach would work better or hydrogen peroxide?

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