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Orange juice & weed

Discussion in 'General' started by KendrickLamar, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. So im smoking a jay in my room.. and i always heard that orange juice will boost up the trip or high... ive been wanting to know if it really works... im about to finish getting high and im gonna wait 15 minutes and drink a glass of orange juice.. i will comeback with the details to see if it works..:smoke:
  2. orange juice.. no bro... no.
    a mango? maybe, i've never tried it.

    search the internet for the info you need
  3. Well, it could be possible. I would think eating oranges would have a greater effect cause you're getting some fresh limonene in your system.

    Mangoes are the main fruit as he said that people use to get a better high, I've done it a good many times.

    If you're smoking something that has a lemon scent to it at all, I doubt it'll work cause it's already got a good bit of limonene in the bud.

    PS - If you ingesting anything like that to try and boost your high, you should do it 45-60 minutes before you smoke.
  4. "Kush and Orange Juice *****"

    -Wiz Khalifa
  5. Mangos and Mango Juice, my friend.

    Absolutely works, I did an experiment.

    Had a brownie and a half the first night, it took 2 and a half hours to kick in, and I was pretty high, but not too high.

    Had a brownie and a half the second night, immediately started driving 45ish minutes to my friends house while drinking mango juice the whole way there, started feeling it halfway through the trip, was noticeably high 30 minutes into it, and was pretty stoned by the time I got there. It kicked in much faster, and I was MUCH higher and it lasted longer.
  6. I think it's OJ with shrooms man...
  7. I might need to try the mango and the orange see what works! :smoke:
  8. drink a Naked brand mango juice. it has like 1 and a 1/4 mango in it. drink it like 45 min before u smoke it works. orange juice works for mdma if u drink it while ur rolling.

  9. i can tell you that orange works my friend.. i didnt have zig zags so i made a pipe out of the oragne.. cause i ran out of apples.. when i finished i ate the orange and felt amazing.. and i just smoked like a bowl
  10. Yeah, those juices are bangin' too. I like to smoke when I feel like it and not wait, but if I am low on bud or something, I'll drink some of those and take some Tagamet HB.

  11. When i saw MDMA made me want to take this pill, and go get some orange juice.:devious:
  12. can't be just weed it has to be kush. kush man kush!!!!
  13. Supposedly some terpenes in mangos help with the weed. Grapefruit juice potentiates you opiates. The acidity of lemon juice helps the dephosphorylation of your psilocybin better than oj. Orange juice is good for vitamin c though.
  14. it does if its half smrinoff
  15. Google: placebo effect
  16. [​IMG]

    I couldn't resist
  17. It tastes bomb but will most likely kill some of your high. Now orange juice & vodka plus weed equals :hello:
  18. Ha it's not placebo, it's caused by a chemical compound called myrcene. Cannabis already contains it, so by eating a mango, or even drinking a beer with high hops content or lemon grass tea, you will feel higher due to the increase. So it's definitely not placebo, but it can have different effects on people.
  19. Yeah, it doesn't work for everyone every time, but I've always had good experiences. My theory as to why it doesn't work for some is because they're smoking bud that already has a good bit of myrcene in it. Like why fill a cup that's already full?

    The best experiences I have from eating mangoes is when I use my teeth to bite and peel off the shell to get to the meat. As with most fruits, it's terpenes are concentrated in it's shell.
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4JBuUa75v8&feature=related]YouTube - Wiz Khalifa - Good Dank (KUSH AND ORANGE JUICE)[/ame]

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