Orange Juice - Pulp or no pulp?

Discussion in 'General' started by high as hell, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. That is the question.
  2. pulp, no questions asked. more health benifits ( im guessing, im not OJ scientist) also i think it just tastes better :). oh and a few ice cubes in it. gotta love the OJ
  3. I enjoy tropicana, with little or no pulp.

    does anyone here squeeze their own

    I hate going to restruants and ordering OJ for like 2.50 a glass, and then seeing them behind the pour it out of a carton of concertrate argg

    Ill add that OJ is my favorite munchie drink
  4. No Pulp.
    I like my liquids to have as little solids in them as possible.
  5. I like both, but i tend to go towards the little pulp. but if im on shrooms then i like the medium pulp cuz i heard it helps you trip harder, which seems to work.
  6. Thats deep shit right there.
  7. its better for you and has more flavor with pulp. But I like eating oranges
  8. Both dont prefer 1 over the other, OJ with pulp or no pulp ill drink it :D
  9. Pulp absolutely. I dont even like no pulp OJ. Its too sour.
  10. Extra pulp prefered. No pulp gives me a stomach ache.
  11. Pulp for life.
  12. Agreed. I don't like pulp at all.
  13. No pulp for me please.

  14. I guess I might as well chime in on this...

    I'm definitely a pulp guy, the way I see it, the more pulp the better (unless you get to the point of so much pulp it seems like you are eating rather than drinking).
  15. Pulp all the way, yo!!!
    Actually, lots of pulp for me.
  16. Werd! :hello:
  17. Oh my god I fucking hate pulp, dead serious. I fuckin hate that shit.
  18. PULP!

    I want to be able to chew my orange juice! Cut it with a knife, I say! Thicker the better.
  19. I prefer pulp, but it's not orange juice if it's from concentrate... Fuck that. All natural or nothing.

    Having taste buds that can actually tell the difference between crap and real stuff has it's disadvantage- I can onyl find TWO brands not from concentrate, Tropicana (yumyumyumyum) or Welch's... And Welch's is.. Eh.. So, $4.19 for OJ I must pay.. Speaking of which, I have a brand new bottle I have to go lay into.
  20. I agree with Heinous. Cut mine with a knife!

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