Orange Juice In The Cabinet...true story

Discussion in 'General' started by tommydaboy, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. so last night i was hittin some bowls with some high school friends and we baked my car with some stinky dank. i roll up at my house and my dad is chillin on the porch smoking a cigar and i say "whats up dad" he stares at me with big eyes like hes gonna pounce on me, he says"I smell pot on you"....shit, i deny it like i do every time and i think things are cool but about an hour later he comes up to my door and starts banging on it like hes trying to break it down, i open and he takes me by the neck and throws me down checking all through my pockets and starts tearing up my room but he found nothing, the mistake i made last night was this...i sparked a bowl cause my dad said he trusted me now and i got maddddd munchies and went down for some cereal and some drank. i go to get a cup in the cabinet and I LEAVE THE FUCKING OJ IN THE CABNINET. so i wake up for work this morning and my parents are making coffee and ask if i want some and i accept and my mom goes for the cups in the cabinet and there it is..the OJ. my mom was like why is this in here and my dad says"He was so high on drugs last night he forgot to put up the juice" i answer his comment with(by the way im super stoned from a waken bake at this point)"sucka dick faggott".........i covered my mouth like oh shit im done. i usually say that shit to my friends and it just slipped out... long story short...i lost my car and my credit card, my first summer away from home is ruined..god my life sucks, make me feel better GC
  2. You silly penis
  3. you take that back ricky bobby
  4. Whoa! Get down, you little pancake.
  5. im not a pancake dude, i much prefer waffles
  6. shit balls that was a mistake :(.
  7. cool story? :)
  8. Your own fault why should we comfort you lol.
  9. because god told you to
  10. is this a real life story?
  11. Ricky Bobby: Holding hands with a man makes me terribly uncomfortable.
    Jean Girard: It's a sign of friendship in many countries.
    Ricky Bobby: Well, not here.
    Jean Girard: There is nothing sexual about it. Please don't be worried about the fact that I have an erection. Its has nothing to do with you.
  12. Shit that sucks...but mildly funny.
  13. my parents are always smelling me too, but you know what, if the only way theyre supporting you is giving you a place to live, you shouldnt give a flying fuck.

    lol one time my dad picked me up at my friends house where I spent three days smoking pot and on the way home hes like "You smell like weed" and I was like "oh well, so?" and he said "its ok I like the smell"

    but then of course I got yet again another talk about the dangers of marijuana by my religious family

    youll be ok dude, as far as I can see anything, friends are the only thing that will always support and love us in life.

    as for the unaccepting parents...go to hell

  14. thats what im talkin bout, thatnks for the support blade
  15. thats a funny story. well u shud probably and first of all take a break from smoking and earn your parents trust back. just for a little bit not forever.:smoking:
  16. so im laughing my ass off reveling in the fact that you told your father to suck a dick and then proceded to call him a faggot. ROOOOOOOFL'ing.
  17. you officialy made my thread gay, thanks alot
  18. lol you gotta love the pic. Asians are crazy......
  19. I think those are Hawaiians...but what do I know

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