Orange Hill Jamaican Seeds!!! I got em :-)

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  1. Anyone ever messed with these? Only thing I know is that through research I found this to be one of the best strains in Jamaica. Orange Hill is the birth place of Lambs Bread/Lambs Breath, a top notch landrace Sativa strain known around the world. I was gifted 15 seeds and would love to know more about it.:smoke:
  2. Wow exciting, hope you continue to post info about how they do!
  3. Cool brudda. I'm in the process of germ right and I am excited. My first grow is underway and about to be posted so you can check that out soon. GDP & Sour Bubble
    Heres a spoiler though, already found a friggin MALE, but he's so bad ass looking.... I can't kill em :)

    Back soon with more!!!!
  4. I read your post as I have some interest and good knowledge of Jamaican seeds and weed as I work their 6 months of the year.

    Lambsbread and Lambs breath are 2 different things, lambsbreath is a common weed in JA and it grows in most places, not just Westmoreland ( Orangehill) . But still it's the original yard weed and a very good smoke.

    Lambsbread is not common and I have only ever seen it twice in JA, I have toked it a few times too. The stuff from Cali is not lambsbread its lambs breath I am afraid, Ive tried it a few times and it's more or less the same as yard weed, lambs bread has a meaty flavour, some believe this is why it's called lambs bread but I was told by a few Maroon farmers (The original farmers of lambs bread) it's called that because the sheep used to eat the crops.

    The reason people think this is the best weed in JA is purely down to tourists being told that by the locals and being took to local grows, which is lambs breath not lambs bread, I have also read some of the Dutch techies go in to it in great detail, but the fact is that there are many better weeds in the Blue Mountain Area of JA, the locals Call it BMW, there not bothered about copyright infringement :eek: BMW - Blue Mountain Weed, it's also blue/purple in colour. ( I have a photo and I will try and dig it out and post it here.) I tried it last year and I was completely fukd like nothing before, unbelievable stuff. The nearest flavour I could describe is like a mulberry earthy taste, I managed to give the farmer a few $ for a handful of seeds that one day I will have a go at growing or breeding.

    It's a Sal/ind mix from what I can gather it is a natural highbrid with seeds that the Dutch travelers had come with in the 70's to try and grow but without any success due to the weather conditions, but some how it's worked out and is growing in the wild and cultivated in very small quantities by local farmers who don't have the ability or finances to grow Blue Mountain Coffee, it's a good source of income for them in the small local market and unfortunately out of the reach of normal tourists and probably will always be due to the small quantities about and it's way off the beaten track.

    I noticed you posted this a while ago but if you have any pics or lets us know how your smoked came out, I would really like to know, as you can tell I am Jamaican weed specialist :)
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    Blue mountain coffee is the best coffee I've ever had..(if the stuff I had was legit) I would love to go to Jamaica someday and get some coffee from the farmers in the mountains, but the fact that I just found out there is BMW makes me want to book a trip right now...were they sketchy where you went to buy the seeds?
  6. Yeah it's a fine place to go and I am lucky enough to work their, I work for a agriculture government company so people know who we are and we are not the cops so it's quite open. I think if you were back packing and start asking questions you might run in to a bit of trouble, the only trouble I had was in the Maroon area in the hills they didn't take kindly to me inspecting a grow and pulled out an Uzi and told me to be on my way, it was my fault coz I should of asked but still a bit of an experience !

    There is also other strains in JA, in the Maroon area " Torando" as the leaves and buds wrap themselves round the stem, it's a type of Jamaican High Grade and a powerful smoke apparently, also another one was called Diamond which must of been an import at some stage of it's life as it's a white strain, but it was dripping in THC and I have never seen a plant like that before and I bet it's a deadly smoke, but I didn't get the chance to try any of them :(

    Jamaican High Grade Sensi is of superior quality and the real High Grade is only in a few areas all the other stuff they say is High Grade is just really brick weed.

    Other weed I saw in the Blue Mountains was called " Mountain Bush " it's a very high quality pure Salvia smoke, gets you blasted big time.

    Even though Jamaica is a very small Island certain areas have different climates which make certain strains unique in that area and also it's 12 hrs Sun and 12 hrs Dark all year round which again makes a big difference.

    I believe since the introduction of different breeds from Europe in the 70's onwards a lot of Jamaica's natural strains have now been cross bred or extinct and their is only probably a few very, very small places where the natural herb still lives on in the name of Jah !

    I will be back soon and I hope I find something new on my travels !
  7. that would be crazy intense! I would love to get some of the high quality stuff they have there, is it something they market to tourists or keep for themselves in your opinion? I hope you get some next time your there that sure would make for a GREAT trip.
  8. I'm going to Negril in a few weeks and am looking to find some good seeds to ship home, I wanna do some xbreeds with the strains I already have, I take it there are no seedbanks there so I'm wondering where to get em? Not lookin for shwagg any advice would be cool, hell I would even give you a few for the help. Peace!
  9. I don't know where you can buy them on the street, and if you ask someone they will give you any old shit. There is a Jamaican seed bank on the net but I can't remember the name, they had some Jamaican strains, Lambsbread strain, BMW strain and some others I don't know of, but the blue mountain weed pic I saw on the site was defo the real deal.

    If you go tracking in the Blue Mountains you have a good chance of picking up some unknown strains that no one even knows about and some are growing wild. I can put you in touch with a local guy who can take you and hes a real good guy, if you pay for his day out and $20 or so he's happy and you will have good fun with him, he is an old boy but he will make you look like your about 90 years old once he starts tracking like a fucking Olympic athlete, pm if you want his details.

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