Orange Crush

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bobby820, May 29, 2004.

  1. I think that's what it's called anyway..
    9.2 grams

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  2. close

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  3. nice man...wish i had some like that
  4. Looks good. hows it smoke? test it out n let us kno :)
  5. It's a good high gives you the munchies like crazy though.. I smoked a crazy blunt last night and I was gone for about an hour..
  6. Orange Crush sounds awesome, wish I could get some of that.

    Cali O x Blueberry hybrid, I believe? Anyone out there to verify this?
  7. I'm gettin hungry just looking at that!
  8. woah, player alert..the man measures his weed next to 100 dolars bills....

    theres no orange or crush anywhere in that shit

    keep on rolling

  9. Just had a lucky visit to Vegas!!

  10. No you didnt..... you just cashed in your jar of pennies and all the 1$ bills laying

    na it looks really good. i wish i had that...o my god. that looks like some good stuff. i think your cam made it looke kindof black though for it to be called orange crush.
  11. here's another pic

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  12. i love that shit gives you the munchies like a mother fucker .. gives me an urge for a sunkist cause it taste like citrus.. if you get a chance try pineapple crush.. taste good as hell gives you a relaxed high..
  13. I wish I had a 100 dollar bill to compare it too :( Very good looking weed though. How did it smoke? Hard it, smooth, cough&hack? Very well, I imagine.
  14. ^^ i have a feelin he doesnt have it
  15. ^^ You know what's funny I just found 2 grams of it in my car.. haha..

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