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Orange Crush

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by beamish, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. These are the dankest buds i've come across all month. The taste is amazing, sweet and fresh. The high doesn't put you to sleep, but I would call it disabling.
  2. Thats some dank ass weed, i wish i could find some bud like that
  3. I'm not big on purple... but damn that is a crazy ass shade of purple towards the left. with that much crystals over it, it looks awesome.

    awesome bud, man!
  4. DAMN! I've never seen that many trics... it looks literally frosted... it looks like someone put ice on it purposely or something...
  5. thats some of the craziest buds ive ever seen.. ive had purple kush and orange kush but neither looked like that. congrats
  6. its ashame that u have to light it on fire
  7. WOW dude. Some of the best pot I've ever seen! + rep
  8. Haha that's hilarious awesome bud man
  9. I AM BIG ON PURPLE! Gotta love the purple highlights in that bud!
  10. it looks like the purple is from a light in the background or somewhere. I could be wrong though.
  11. easily some of the better bud I have seen on the site...Nice pickup.​
  12. i think the same thing. thread said orange kush, the purple is from a light. :D
  13. It's called Orange CRUSH, and here's a pic with better lighting.

    Sorry that my bud is too good for a couple people..
  14. ya Orange Crush is the shit, my boy used to get so much of that shit cheap as hell, tho it didnt have the purple shade to add to it, but still had all those crystals. Nice bud man, good to see that strain still around.
  15. Amazing looking bud bro.
    Happy toking =]
  16. haha i never said it was too good. just saying that the purple looked like its from a light. i wish i could get bud like that around here consistently. super frosty buds though. have fun with that.
  17. Holy shit dude! That's some sick looking bud man.
  18. beautiful herbs my friend
  19. one of my friends just harvested a bunch of his orange crush.... its soooo fucking good

    nice pics man
  20. Is that even organic anymore?
    Or is it just Jesus Christ in plant form?

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