Orange Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Face McPalm, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Orange is THE SHIT!

    Orange soda, orange juice, ORANGES!

    What can beat orange?! Not grape!
  2. Fuck yeah dude...I love me some Stewart's orange cream soda.
  3. Fo sho, orange sherbet is awesome too!
  4. purple drink > orange
  5. How dare you!
    Orange is obviously superior to grape.
  6. purple > orange :p

    nothing even rhymes with orange........
  7. haha its so on

    though sunkist is cool
  8. hahah i said sporange in my head and was way that can actually be a word... and it is !!!
    and i agree orange > purple.....however, purple drank(as in codeine w/promethazine) is far superior to anything orange in taste or color.

  9. haha nice one! thats the first time ive heard a word that rhymes with orange.

    mad shit rhymes with purple. erkle, nurple, circle, the list goes on and on lol

    props again tho for finding something that rhymes with orange, i bet no one else can find a 3rd word!
  10. i love orange sodas. don't really dig the fruit though, to much of a hassle to eat
  11. i'll put it this way: you can't use a grape peel to freshen and moisten your dry ass dank.

  12. "Who loves Orange soda, Kel loves orange soda."
    "Is it true, is it true!?"
    "MhhhhHmmm....I do, i do, i do-oooooo"
    gotta love Kenan and Kel
  13. I wish I had some orange soda damnit. :smoking:
  14. coca cola owns all orange flavored drink products

    and yes, i dare say it
  15. :hello:

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