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Oral Swab Drug Test -- help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bubbleberry420, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I had an interview this morning at 10:30 am which included a saliva drug test and i burned last night (probably 12 hours between smoking and the drug test)

    i used Hydrogen Peroxide about 30 minutes before the test,
    also was drinking a Dr. Pepper on the way
    than right before i walked in i used Listerine mouth wash for a good minute or two and I lined my gums with a few Listerine strips

    can i get some input from some people who have experience with this, highly appreciated!

    stay up :smoking:
  2. MAYBE you'll pass. But that's on luck. I would say your odds are at about 45% or so. Only because some of those drug tests are so un-reliable. Like someone who hasn't smoked marijuana, will show up postitve lol. So your odds are OKAY.
    And now we wait..... :p
  3. Yeah i dont know, i read stories where people burn a few hours right before going in and pass it and sometimes they dont so
  4. I don't know anything about oral tests, but I do know that THC is alcohol soluble, so next time clean your mouth with everclear or some Stolych 95% ABV Vodka. That should get the THC out, but as the saliva is produced more residual THC will also appear. Basically, gargle and swish your mouth with strong booze DIRECTLY before the test. That should help a lot.
  5. So did you pss? I am going to be getting cotton swabbed at the methadone clinic i go to and I have heard it depends on the person but it sounds like you should be cool. I wanna know how u did dammit!! LOL

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