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Oral/Saliva Drug test!! What I did, and do you think I passed? Need a little reassurance! Passed!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KillaNIX93, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Soo I had an interview for a new job on 3/11/16. I was under the assumption that they would be doing a urine test (just like every other company I could think of does....). So I went a bought some QuickFIX 6.1 and some ace bandages in preperation to tie it my inner thigh and become a member of the subclub! But to my surprise once I got done with the interview they asked if I could take a drug test (Oral Test) right now.
    At this point my heart was racing because I seriously just smoked the night before at around 10p.m. So I was just barely hitting 12 hours clean.
    So I made up an excuse saying I told work this would only take about an hour or so and I was going to be late and they expected be back as soon as can be (Which was a lie, they gave me the day off. ;)).
    The girl that was interviewing me said "Oh that's fine, just come in Monday (3/14/16) @ 10a.m and we can do it then! Bought myself a few more days!!
    Ended up calling once I got into work and made up another excuse saying I had appointments (I'm an Automotive Technician) on Monday and I told the customer I'd be in early for them Monday at 10a.m to work on their vehicle to resolve their problem.... Blah Blah Blah. This bought me time until Wednesday (Today)(3/16/16) to clean my mouth of any THC.

    My smoking history: I've actually been smoking lightly lately. I've been saving money trying to pay some bills down and trying to be a little responsible :geek:. So I new I was looking for a new job. Took a week off from smoking because I was going to attempt to pass a urnine test (until quickfix). Then decided to smoke a blunt (or two :)) on Tuesday (3/8/16) took a day off then smoke a blunt at 10pm on Thursday (3/10/16) thats when I've been abstain since.
    I smoke 2-4 grams a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more .

    I've been abstaining for 5 days. 132 hours to be exact.
    I've brushed my teeth, gums, and tongue 2-3 times per day.
    Used listerine for the first 3 days(two times a day) (didn't want them to be testing for alcohol as well because Listerine has alcohol in it and didn't want to effect my results)
    And used Hydrogen Peroxide after every time I brushed. (Heard this helps)
    Also flossed a few times inbetween.

    Woke up today for my test (3/16/16). Flossed, brushed by teeth, and used hydrogen peroxide. Went and got breakfast, went to mcdonalds because I heard fatty meals help absorb any THC, came back home and brushed, flossed again, and used peroxide once more. Then headed out to my test. Took some water with me and the peroxide and a spare cup. Got there and rinsed once last time with peroxide before going in and spit it into the cup and finished off my water.

    I even took my quickfix in my car with me incase they were trying to be sneaky and wanted to give me a urine test instead... What can I say... I was prepared lmao.

    Walked in went upstairs, and the lady had me sit down do quick paperwork, Blah blah blah. Pulled out the stick with a thin rectangle cotton end to it (like surprisingly thin, maybe 1cm or so. Anyone know what test this could be? I didn't see any pictures of it online) and told me to put it on my cheek's or under my tongue whichever is more comfortable. I DIDN'T DO WHAT SHE SAID. I instead put it between my top and bottom teeth and kind of held it there and licked it with my tongue (was using my tongue bad?? I figured it was better than my cheeks...)

    She said it was taking to long and to switch it to my other cheek. I did, but moved it to the other side between my teeth and licked it again. At times it did touch my cheek. Its like the stupid thin thing was made to try and attach to my cheek because it kept try to grab it! -___-

    She said it was still taking to long and to put it under my tongue. I still didn't follow her instruction and put it on top of my tongue instead.

    So my question... Whats the likelyhood I passed? I heard 72 hours or more its pretty much clean of THC and 96 hours is even better. I went 130+ hours from last toke.
    And was using my tongue a no no? I haven't found anything on this yet from research.

    I will post my results when I get a call if I failed or if I passed... I sure hope I passed... This job can pay upwords of 6 figures a year, depending on how well I can do, and I could reeeaaaallllyyy use this job.

    Just let me know guys! And happy toking! Ill be joining the toke family again once I hear if I passed or not!
  2. Brush your teeth and rinse the with mouthwash. Yeah pretty complicated I know but that's all it usually takes to pass the swab. My wife knows people that have passed the test after smoking the same day, that being said more time the better the chances.
  3. Yeah that's what I've been hearing. I'm just waiting on a phone call now and hoping for the best. Thanks man!

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  4. I got my results back and I did pass! I've been working for them for about 4 days now!!! Almost the weekend (with the next two days off). Time to celebrate!!

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  5. Glad to hear that, cheers :D

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  6. Thanks man!

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  7. hello im new here
    i just passed a oral swab test and how i beat it 8-5-2016
    1) stoped smoking 32 hrs befor that day i brushed my teeth 2x (8-4/16) besides useing hydrogen peroxide 2x
    2) 8-5-16 7am brushed teeth and used listerine and NOT the minty stuff get that yellow hard core shit ONLY and hydrogen time to interview (20mins)
    3) i brought a small bottle of water with me as well as a small trial size clear bottle with me 2x 1 for the mouth wash and 1 for the peroxide and tooth brush +tooth paste and a bowl with lid pulled in the parking lot away from the building and repeated steps 1-2 then went right in to the interview waiting only 10 mins MAKE SURE YOU BRUSH ALL THE MOUTH tong every ware he gave me the test and i PASSED with in 10-15 mins
    just wanted to post this and thx for all the others that posted these tips follow them it works ive smoke for about 25 yrs HEAVILY every day almost hope this helps any one
    thx mike

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