Oral Appreciation Thread

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  1. When it's bad it's bad but when it's good holy fucking shit.

    The arts of fellatio and cunnilingus are two of the most unappreciated that I know of. I'm just sharing some love for those of us who love to suck and lick (those of us who enjoy being good at it). I mean I've had a lot of blow jobs and its just awesome when you find a chick that goes down like your dick is the cure to cancer and she's got it bad. I would like to meet the man that taught my girl to suck just so I could shake his hand and thank him.

    Ladies when you are trying to please your man act like you enjoy it attitude is everything.

    Men don't neglect your womans nether area either. Enjoy that sweet nectar before you pollinate that flower.
  2. I don't think it's unappreciated lol
  3. First of all, OP, thank you for starting this thread! This is awesome.

    Love oral, especially giving it. Nothing better than making a woman writhe, moan and scream in pleasure with nothing more than your lips and tongue and maybe a finger or three...:cool:

    Also, I second what the OP said about ladies attitude when giving head. Attitude is in fact, everything when it comes to this.

    Oral, FTW! :hello:
  4. @ chitown toker it's not that people don't appreciate getting it, it it's that people don't appreciate that it's an art and they don't take the time to really learn how to pleasure someone else. I personally love going down on a chick. And tokin it guy the only thing better than making them writhe and moan is making them writhe moan and squirt.
  5. It's definitely appreciated, give your girl a real good lick and she'll make you such many sammiches. Lol jk. I'd actually much rather go down on a girl that have her go down on me. I don't know, I just love it. Is that weird?
  6. He's got a point there... :D

    Uh, obviously not, since you're not alone here. I'm sure the ladies appreciate us too. :cool:
  7. I like training them to perfection. My ex had it on lockdown. My god.

    Had to let her go. Gotta spread the love.

    Although giving is much more pleasing.
  8. I was just texting my girl and I told her I don't know who taught her but I'd like to shake his hand and she said no one taught her she just feels that if you enjoy something you should strive to be great at it. and she had never enjoyed it as much as she does with me. That is a perfect answer she gets bonus points.
  9. Having a GF or Wife that gives good head is probably better than her being rich. Sure, It'd be sweet to marry into money... but good head (on a regualr basis) is priceless
  10. Never once have I had a good expierence when someone's lips were around my penis.......... Untill I met my girlfriend!.. Every other person always had a problem with teeth and shit, that FUCKING hurts! I, at one point, literally pulled a girls head out of my crotch, rolled over on the couch and went to bed! That's how bad it was! Buy MY GOD! MY GIRLFRIEND IS FUCKING AMAZING! *Pyronym* I'm gonna send that SAME text to my girl! Because SHE deserves it!... :) I never enjoyed oral untill now! GOD it's great to have a girl with skills!
  11. Holy jeebus why has this thread not existed before?! Hell yeah I appreciate!
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    How about some tips? Maybe we could make this like a list of do's and don'ts

    Here is one for the ladies.
    Although deep throating is awesome not many of you can do it. Simple solution. After you get it wet wrap your hand around it and stroke while you suck. Just keep your thumb and index finger up against your lips and go like normal imo its better than deep throating. Move your hand with your head don't bang yourself in the face although that's nice too but usually only when its our hand stroking whilst you do your thang.

    For the guys.
    Remember that every vagina is like a the dial to a safe they all look similar but they all have a different combo. remember to adjust pressure direction and speed depending on the response but if something is working well for your girl go with it for a bit before you change it up. Also don't for get the the fingers. A little 2 finger cul de sac action with a little licky licky goes a long way. Finally with the fingers remember that everyone goes for the gspot don't forget that there are tons of other spots to get your girl off one of my favorites is the inner posterior(that's the back for your dummies hehehe) wall of the vagina. It's like the inside of the taint some pressure hear can work wonders even on a girl that isn't into anal(since there's not external stimuli or penetration).

    I'll give you guys one more secret for now. I call it culling the dragon and it's so good you can only pull it out on special occasions. Some girls might find it over the top so start slow and work into it if she's diggin it.
    it's more of a manual technique but you can combo it with oral.
    Culling the Dragon:
    1. Put your hands on top of each other right hand palm up(or left if that's your bag)
    2. Start with your right hand thumb to the clit
    3. Insert right index finger to stimulate the gspot.
    4. Add right middle finger to g spot
    5. Now add your left thumb to massage the back wall of the vagina
    6. Use your left index or middle to massage the taint
    7. Insert left middle or index into the anus and massage the front wall a milking action is usually best.
    8. If youve done it right get ready to give her several mind blowing, fire breathing orgasms.

    If she cant walk when you are done you done good soldier.
  13. My problem is, I can't cum from a blowjob.

    I get hard, may be precum, but not orgasm.

    Anyone with same problem?
  14. My two cent on how to eat pussy and suck dick.

    Eat and suck it like it's the most delicious thing on earth.

    For guys, when you eat pussy, EAT it. Drink it. Suck every drop of juice from the pussy and lick every corner inside and out to completely clean out her pussy. Don't leave a drop behind. Try to get the pussy to generate most juice as you do it.

    For girls, when you suck dick, SUCK it. Suck it like it's DELICIOUS. Suck it like it's got honey all over it. And suck it with purpose of drawing the honey that's inside, to come out. Oh, and don't be afraid to use a lot of saliva.
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    its absolutely insane how a girl can give you a good blowjob.. but its indescribable how you just sit back where ever your at and puff on some nice herb and just blow a load... watching fuckin sportscenter but on the other hand when her leg starts twitching and she feels a cool breeze of air against her warmth, followed quickly by the warmth of my tongue gliding lightly between her lips, tasting her sweet juices....thats when you'll know she's gonna be there for round 2 ;)

  16. Wetter is better.
  17. i love performing oral sex even if the girl won't return the favor.

    its one of those things you can use in an argument later.
  18. good point ^^

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