Oragnic Raised bed for veggies, need help please. (organic)

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    Made a raised bed months ago and have been composting in it ever since, now that i got about 1/3 compost its time to add perlite/peat.
    its a 8ftx4ftx10in raised bed for veggies/greens
    need advice on measurements on how much amendments to add.
    I have as far as list::
    Alfalfa meal
    Neem meal
    Kelp meal
    if my math was right its a 27 cubic foot raised bed.
    <3 thanks in advance,

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    There are lot's of ways to skin a jackrabbit and this is the way i would:
    Neem: I would just use it for indoor plants, feeding them with topdressings mixed with compost when needed. 
    kelp: scatter it outside at any rate. Stuff is real mellow. Can substitute for locally sourced potassium amendments like minerals or compost.
    azomite: you wont really need it in your garden bed if your native soil contains clay or minerals (which they should but is worth finding out what minerals are there) Just add azomite to peat moss since peat does not contain minerals.
    dolomite: Leave it out of the garden probably. It has too much magnesium which does not allow adequate supply of calcium in fact clogging up soil pores. Look up the effect of excess magnesium on soil. At most I would use it as a part of a lime mix consisting of 2 part agricultural lime (such as crushed egg shell or bone), 1 part gypsum (calcium sulfate), and 1 part dolomite. add 3 cups of lime mix per cubic foot of sphagnum peat. 
    alfalfa: get a rabbit and feed it. 
    you should be able to grow a lot of onions and lettuce with 27 cubic feet of soil. Serious gardening. hope that helped, Corky
    Hey LetGo I am not sure if you have seen the beginners soil mix in the organic section. I used the same recipe for outdoors last year. If you follow that you should be all set.
    Hey, thanks for the input and sorry on the late reply.  Been busy.
    Hoping for more tomatoes, squah,zuchinni, lettuce, spinach  and a couple fruit trees in the distance.
    I did mix my bed containing just multiple sources of compost (mainly from yard wastes rather animal waste)  pine mulch for aeration with vermiculite and a bale of peat moss.
    I did add azomite and dolomite (due to high acidity from pine)  Going to probably top dress as needed with epsoma garden tone.
    I have used the beginner mix indoors, not outdoors though.
    Question, will water straight from the hose be ok? since chlorine will this kill the beneficial bacteria in the soil or should I be ok??
    Hey I have not noticed any issues with watering from the hose outdoors. I have heard of others who have used it as well. I guess since they are outdoors in their natural environment the microbes are a lot harder to kill, plus we use what 5/10/15 gallon buckets indoors I am sure there are WAY more microbes in the soil outside making it tougher to kill off the good guys.

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