OR to WA vacation. Weed/Dispensary Review

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    So I had to head up to Oregon for a wedding and my wife and I decided to take the following week for a little RnR on the WA coast and in the North Cascades.
    Of course my first stop was at a dispensary. Stopped by Ascend in Portland on the way to a little side trip to Multnomah Falls. Was waited on by a beautiful and beautifully tatted young lady who seemed to enjoy her job. She was very helpful and seemed knowledgable. I like a quick answer when I ask "What here do you realy like right now?" and she gave one. It was "Blue City Diesel" and it was very tasty. I also bought a couple grams of Sirius Black which was very good and when put through my grinder it looked like a pile of dirt. Lastly, I bought a "Blue Dream" joint to enjoy up at the falls and it probably was the best of the three. My purchases were augmented when we stopped at a friend of my wifes who lives near Salem. My wife's friend's husband grew 4 trees last year and he handed me a 1/2 oz of his as I was leaving (it was just ok...he needs some help from me in the curing dept... that and it had a few seeds (that I will make use of)).
    So had plenty of weed as we headed up the WA coast...stopping at Quinault, the hall of mosses, Ruby Beach and spending some time with a few of my friends on the Rez near Cape Flattery. Saw Sea Lions, Otters, Puffins, Elk and more.
    Didn't need it but had not seen a dispensary in a while so I stopped at one in Port Angeles called Satori and bought a 3.5g jar of "Kimbo Kush" while being waited on another young, knowledgable tattooed lady. Very tasty stuff. Not as good as the Kush I grow but good.
    After hanging around Mt. Ranier for a couple days and a relaxing on the deck of a friend with a house right on a river near Issaquah, we took a float plane to a town called Stehekin. Taking that small plane through the cascades...getting close and personnel with Glacier Peak and others was effing amazing. Once back to the river and ran over to an amazing little dispensary in what is considered Maple Valley called the Bud Hut. Super selection. They were very busy on a Friday morning. I had plenty of time to make my choices and I ended out getting a couple grams of "Blue Dream", some "Bubble Gum" (to compare to mine...not close) 2g of "Strawberry Cough" was the suggested and probably along with both Blue Dreams the best of the trip.
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  2. ...Oh and somewhat surprisingly...while I did not overlap strains with a recent CO trip...on the whole in comparing sativas to sativas.. the CO weed was better.
  3. And BC weed is better than either...by far.

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