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OR MMJ Cards

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by spifferson, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. hmm...can guess you qualify (u got a card, ya lucky dawg :p) Sooo...

    Not sure but the top sticky thread on qualifying conditions and such might have some info to help...worth a read.

    ...and Tharedhead is an oregonian...he may be able to help ya. :wave:
  2. Oregon Medical Marijuana Program | Medical Marijuana Program

    I just called the mmj doc today for my card here in Montana. He's going to text me back either tonight or tomorrow with information. I cannot wait to be signed up with my caregiver... going to be so awesome. Free half oz for signing and free edibles... lots of great hash too. :smoke:
  3. To save from starting another thread ill ask my question here. Does anyone know if it is necessary to visit the doctor twice for a "chronic pain" submission in Oregon? I just want to save money, doctors are horribly expensive.
  4. In Montana you do need 2 doctors for Chronic Pain... i figured that out quickly. I dont think you need to do that in Oregon though, it's pretty simple there. The MMJ doc told me i need to get my chronic pain in my shoulder documented before i can get mine... my medical records claim that i was in "no pain" but they lied ;)
  5. [quote name='"spifferson"']I just moved from California and am looking to transfer or get a new MMJ card for Oregon.
    I just want to know from real people where I should be going, how much I should be paying, and whatever else I need to get documented.

    Thank you so much if you take the time to answer this.
    Also feel free to e-mail me about it @ [email protected]

    :smoke: :love:[/quote]

    Dude this place right here bro!!!! http://thc-foundation.com/oregon/

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