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or it it just meh!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. a few while- high questions

    is it only me
    or does time feel wrong when ur hgih?
    im like wow its been like a half hour
    n I look at the clock n its only been like 5 minutes! haha
    thats always how I am

    anyone else like to smoke ciggies when high? I usually dont do em, nor crave them, enless im high. When im high I need a ciggie, dont know why! knida weird eh
  2. ya 4 me time is really slow too and when ever i'm stonned i smoke a stogie and it increases my high like 50% dont know about nebody else.
  3. AHah damn
    i forgot i even posted this !!

    im not stoned i tell you
  4. i never crave more tobacco when smoking the herb. probably because i smoke with about 10-25% tobacco in my joints... i gotta stop that for the next time i get some weed.
  5. what happened to the other av digit?
  6. Lol.

    Time is really different when you are stoned. It's a good thing they did not make a clock while they were stoned.
    Bout the ciggies, I really wanna smoke if I"m stoned. The problem is that one ciggie takes so long! You start smoking and after what seems like an hour you did not even smoked half of it. Then you throw it away and after only 1 minute i want another one. Really weird :}
  7. that happens to me too, time goes by soooo slow!!!
  8. i recently quit smoking ciggies, but only smoke em when im bunned. which is really freakin hard to do.
  9. when i first started smokin bud time seemed slow for me but i havent had that problem in yrs. As for cigs i been smokin cigs most my life as well. I actually started smokin cigs cause the buzz from a cig made me even higher, yrs later im smokin cigs cause im addicted. My advice to you , dont fuck around with cigs cause once you get hooked its VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY hard to stop, ive tried nuermous times to stop and ive never suceeded. Smoking weed is bad enough for your lungs you dont really wanna smoke cigs too.
  10. ok mother
  11. Time is altered by the great bud of the ground but in famous words of someone(i cant remember who and i don't know why) but , Does anyone really know what time it is? A BA BA BAAAA.

  12. Hmm..
    some people think different of that.
    They say smoking weed pure cleans up your lungs.
    It get rid of CO2 and tabaco's they say.
    Smoking ciggies is bad maybe but I'm addicted and I never tried to stop. why? Cause it is so damn nice to smoke a ciggie if you really need one. I don't feel like stopping cause I like it. Smoking is bad but so is alcohol, junkf00d, and even coffee is not good. Every day there is something different where you can get cancer from. A few months ago fried chips can give cancer. What the hell should we do then.

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