OR changing all the medical laws since rec legal

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  1. When we passed the laws for recreational use to become legalized, "they" promised none of the laws for medical would change.

    Today I just read that Oregon has made it illegal for dispensaries to sell edibles or concentrates. The whole state is going to be in an uproar.

    I'll still be able to get shatter, because I know people that make it. I am pissed that I won't be able to buy refills for my pens anymore. :(
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  2. Can we have a link to what you read?
  3. Proof? I'm friends with a few ppl who grow for the dispensaries, never mentioned it to me.

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  4. Shock waves were sent throughout the Oregon medical marijuana world this week when the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) issued a directive to medical marijuana dispensary operators to no longer accept cannabis extracts. Cannabis extracts are defined by OHA as involving heat and pressure during the creation process. That means no BHO and no CO2 products. No more shatter. No more cartridges. At least not in the near future.

    Only entities that have a license to produce extracts are considered legal by OHA. The problem of course being that there aren’t any licenses currently. In fact, the application process doesn’t even start until next month for OHA. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will regulate recreational marijuana, which will eventually have its own licenses for extracts. But as of right now there are no licenses issued in the State of Oregon. So when will licenses be issued? Per Oregon Live:

    The health authority plans to roll out a licensing process for commercial extract companies, but André Ourso, manager of the state’s medical marijuana program, said Tuesday that the application won’t be online until April 1.

    Applying, he said, is just the beginning of a “long process” for getting registered. In all, he said the process could take “a few months.”

    “The application has to be reviewed,” he said, adding that companies will need to ensure they meet local rules and fire safety requirements. “They still have to get their product tested for pesticides through an accredited laboratory.”

    That doesn’t sound encouraging. It sounds like the best case scenario is mid-summer, and that’s assuming there are no delays. Dispensaries are allowed to sell the inventory that they currently have, but if the dispensary takes in any new extract inventory, they run the risk of criminal prosecution. This of course is extremely unacceptable. There is a lot of outcry from the industry, and for understandable reasons. But I’m even more outraged by what this means for patients, especially those that are suffering the most.

    Extracts are some of the strongest forms of medicine available to patients. A 5 mg THC edible may do the trick for some, but for those that really, really need some serious potency, extracts really help. A lot of patients use vape pens because of the ease of medicine consumption and because vaporizing is healthier than smoking. However, patients will not have that option in Oregon until extract licenses are issued. Patients will still have other options (tincture, kief, solvent-less hash), but for those that rely on extracts, which again are those that are suffering the most and need the high potency for relief, they will be left to either make due without, or rely on the black market. Which leads me to my next point…

    The black market for extracts in Oregon is about to get out of control. Why in the world the State of Oregon would want that to occur, especially after all the strides that have been made, is beyond me. Marijuana extracts are going to be made in Oregon, regardless of the OHA policy, so why not allow them to be done in the light instead of in the shadows? I’d imagine a lot of people that live along the Columbia River will be going to Washington to purchase extracts, which means all of those dollars that could have stayed in Oregon will now be going out of state. And that of course doesn’t even begin to touch on how unfair and ridiculous this all is to extract companies who have worked very hard to do all of the right things to appease the State while at the same time try to run a business, which in itself is extremely difficult.

    Below is flyer that I saw on Facebook (pardon the typo in the flyer). I think it would be good for OHA to hear from the people that are being affected by this, especially patients that are suffering greatly and have relied on extracts from dispensaries for relief. I get that producing extracts is dangerous, which is why I think that OHA should have a provisional process in place for people to get temporary licenses in between now and when longer duration licenses are issued. To just expect patients and businesses to halt all extract production/purchases is ridiculous. I get that not everyone should be doing it, but to say that no one should be able to do it, at all, under any circumstances? That’s irresponsible, and in the case of patients that are suffering the most, outright harmful.

  5. Well it'll be nice to finally get a regulated recreational market, though it will take forever to develop.

    Only good i can see coming from this is that it will weed out all the crappy oil and the market will produce stronger, cleaner extracts.

    If that article is correct, bubble hash, LHO, and edibles do not fall under an "extract"

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  6. Yeah, I don't know where I got the idea that the edibles are going out of the dispensaries. I don't care a whole lot about dispensary edibles when I can make mine better anyway, from what I've learned here at GC.

    I went and got 4 refills for my vape pens and I think I need to buy some more. They are so handy to take places where I can't take anything else. This is going to be a complete mess for awhile.
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  7. I've tried a few of those vape pens, but none really satisfies me like a lung full of that smoke lol.

    I buy from ppl who provide the dispensaries w/ product so doesn't matter much to me lol
  8. They are way higher in THC than joints or flowers . There are places where I can't be having any kind of smell on my breath or in the air and they're perfect for that.

    You're lucky you have a way to get what you want!

    I went to the dispensaries today and bought a bunch more stuff. First they told me they had to clear the shelves completely so I left my phone # and went to the other one. I had to go to the bank and take out a bunch of money. So I bought a bunch of stuff and the other place called my cell and said they could put some stuff back on the shelves depending on when the purchase date was. So back to the bank I go, and went back and got more stuff. I wish I had taken more money out of the back because now I am tired but I want to get more wax.

    I've tried a few of those vape pens, but none really satisfies me like a lung full of that smoke lol.

    I buy from ppl who provide the dispensaries w/ product so doesn't matter much to me lol
    ght what I wanted and the other dispensary called me on my cell to say they put some stuff back on the shelves. They said they could sell what they bought before a certain date. So back to the bank I go, and bought more stuff. I still want to go back to the bank again but I'm tired of running around.

  9. I feel you. In a city near me after rec. weed became legal banned growing more than 4 plants per household even if the people who live there are MEDICAL smokers, and if the neighbors can even SMELL weed they can call the cops and have you fined. Extremely lame.
  10. It's reallly pissing everyone off because they had it on the ballot that legalizing recreational sales of marijuana would not change any of the laws that had been in place for over 10 years for medical. Since Rec has been legal, every day there is some new law to change medical.
  11. oh yeah, they have already made it so that if somebody grows for somebody else, they have to pay a $200 growing fee. Before, if I didn't have a grower and I wanted one, I could find one. Now, nobody is going to want to pay a growing fee.
    yeah, it's 4 plants per person here too, no matter what.
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  12. Here's more:

    Urgent OHA rules update
    March 17, 2016
    More than 500 people turned out for the Oregon Cannabis Association's free emergency OHA rules update on March 15. See below for links to the meeting materials.

    There were two unexpected takeaways from our conversation with OHA Marijuana Programs Manager André Ourso.

    First, OHA made it clear that in order to qualify for a stay on the new plant limits, growers must apply for a license by April 1 AND demonstrate that they have fulfilled all of the obligations required for the stay. This had not been broadly communicated until now and the time is very short for OMMP growers who hope to take advantage of the stay.

    Second, the Oregon Department of Justice and OHA are interpreting a new law intended to curb home production of extracts to mean that all unlicensed extraction is a Class B Felony, and that growers and dispensaries doing business with unlicensed extractors are potentially aiding and abetting this criminal activity and may be subject to criminal or civil penalties, including loss of license.

    As a result of this news, we already have reports from many Oregon businesses that are ceasing production and laying off employees. Hundreds of jobs and the viability of dozens of businesses are at risk. OMMP patients may soon face shortages of the products they depend upon.

    The Oregon Cannabis Association is working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. We will continue to reach out to OHA for clarity on their rules. And we will update you with new information as it becomes available.

    Meanwhile, tremendous thanks are due to the individuals and businesses who created a 600-person event in under two weeks, beginning with Refuge PDX for providing a welcoming space for the community to come together at a critical moment, and to Rep. Ann Lininger, the Oregon Health Authority and Cascadia Labs for presenting. Thank you also to The Daily Leaf for recording and posting the video of the event, and Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge and Josh Taylor for working his magic. Thank you to Maletis Holdings and Oregon’s Finest for generously donating beverages. And thank you to Pure Green, EcoFirma Farms, Shango, Sons of Agronomy, Cultivated Industries, Highly Distributed and Phyre Gardens, Danodan Grassworks, 7 Points Oregon, TJ’s Organic Provisions, CannaGuard Security, Udoxi Scientific, Luminous Botanicals, Roots Garden Supply, Luvli and Green Bodhi for volunteering your time and energy to making the event a success.

    And thanks to all in Oregon's cannabis business community as we work together to promote safe, sane and sensible regulations in our state.
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  13. Wowwe wtf conservative city passed that? Wanna make sure i stay away from there lol

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  14. Ughhhh, its like the laws are written by someone who's only knowledge of weed is what they learned from a 1970's health class video tape...

    Seriously, class B felony for making extracts?? So i can legally grow weed, i can legally buy butane, but i cant legally mix the two together?

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  15. Unless you want to pay a fee to the State of Oregon for your brand spanking new license!

    I just don't get why they have to fuck everything up that has been in place for years.
  16. Not to mention recreational sales tax for january alone was $3.25mm....thats more than they anticipated for the entire 2016 year

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  17. Damn man that sucks. We will accept you with open arms here in Nor Cal.
    This thing will literally drive you around then bring you the dispensary.

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  18. lol. What city is this in. Nothing like this in sf.
  19. Nevermind. Just looked at the window. Hah
  20. Don't tell me how much it sucks. I ran out of time running around buying refills for my cartridges and my favorite wax that's $15 a gram for 81% THC.
    I'm glad I found out about this as fast as I did. My caregiver works for one of the dispensaries and she emailed what I copied here, way before a lot of other people in town found out about it.
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