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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Catlyfe, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. I would like to purchase schwag since it is A LOT cheaper in bulk than what I usually buy. I only get the option for Kush Sour D Trainwreck and the ever-so-often Purp and ATF and the occasional no name. Anyone know where to get schwag in Seattle?

    sORRY IF THIS MAKES no sense I'm on cloud 9. Just ate 5 cookies.
  2. Quality over quantity bro..
    buying schwag over dank is just stupid. I can smoke two-thirds less dank than schwag and get a better high.
  3. Asking for a hook-up is against the rules here man. But dont get shwag. Its disguesting. Get some mids instead of shwag but go with the chronic. You seem to have a some what good hook up. And since your in Seattle you get alot of that good Canadian bud.
  4. Yeah but people are always saying oh schwag is so bad but its cheap. I know its quality/quantity but I just wanna try this har schwag.:eek:
  5. If you have a low tolerance it wont be that bad. Just expect it to taste like shit, be a bunch of seeds, and not get you nearly as high. but try to look for some mids man.
  6. You wont be impressed... it has a crappy taste, takes forever to clean, you have to smoke a bunch, and it goes fast. Get the dank. Plus, schwag is really seedy so it weighs it down. So your not really getting as much as you think when you buy. Believe me, my main guy has had nothing but schwag for two months and im soo tired of it.


    I'm sick of kush!

    What's the point oh having something great if there is nothing to compare it to!

    I Love me some regs.
  8. Yo.

    To all the haters, cap your hating for a second. The man already stated his want.

    That being said, schwag offers a LOT more options than all of you are thinking.

    If he gets an Oz of schwag for 50-60 bucks, he can make some POTENT ass butter, or some green dragon. If he made a batch of 20 cookies, he'd have enough to get a longer lasting, more intense high than smoking dank, for 20 days. That... at the cost of less than an 8th of dank.
  9. When it comes down to it, its personal reference
  10. I am also on a budget but like to blaze fat so i usually go for the disspesary shake. I can cop an oz of it for 50 bucks the price of an 8th of dank. you could try that since your in seattle or ask a medical patient to hook you up or whatev
  11. Medical patients aren't going to have access to brick weed which is what you are looking for, and since you are in Seattle you are a long distance from where brick weed comes from, Mexico. This means you are going to have a hard time getting regular brick weed and probably are only going to see indoor from your own state, imported california weed, and canadian beasters. I think that if you are trying to save money by buying cheaper weed, maybe you should try to simply make more money, or cut costs to compensate for your weed habit?
  12. Shake is the way to go. good to smoke, good to cook with, and way cheap.

    like said before, shwags seedy. and missing a seed and accidentally smoking it sucks.
  13. Ask around at the bus stop near 15th and Roxbury, I see lots of folk trying to sell off schwag up there. What part of Seattle you from man?
  14. zzz all we have around here is shwag sometimes mids come around occasionally but very rarely someone gets gets a shipment of dank from another state and we pay twice as much for it as yall do >.<

  15. you'll learn one day young grasshopper.......ok lol i high lol
  16. Mids are a waste of money in the long run. They get you less high for a shorter amount of time. They also raise your tolerance through the roof, I got to the point where half a gram of mids would barely effect me when using a pipe, this happened in less then a month of smoking without a t-break. When I smoke dank it only take me like .1-.2 to get high for twice as long as a .5 of mids out of the same piece.
  17. #17 Fumar Verde, Feb 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 5, 2011
    mids = / = schwag tho.

    And also I highly disagree, im no "noob" to smoking, and have been smoking and vaping mids for a while now in addition to dank. I've been vaping [mostly] good mids and dank for the past 6-7 months, all day... every day... multiple times a day. Mids are extremely cost effective especially if you cook with them or if you have a vaporizer. If I were to not cook with mids and strictly vape it, a half would last me over a month. This is because the average pack is .12-.13, and I vape 2-3 times a day.

    3 times a day x .12g mids a pack = .36 mids/day x 32 days a month = 11.52g/month

    and these aren't no kiddy highs either, by the time I'm finished one pack, I'll be extremely high.

    Im not hating on dank, I love dank and love vaping it. But just so all you guys know, mids and schwag have their purposes too, and to put them down is illogical. Your personal preference may be strictly dank, but others have found great success with mids/schwag depending on their setup.

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