Options to cover smell ?

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  1. Hi i am a beginer and i speak french will do my best .. what are the best option to cover smell instead of carbon filter ?
    Its for a small grow tent 1 400wmh that is running all the time and the purple kush right now smell a LOT 3 plants. Well i dont smell it cuz i have the smell on me 24/7 but my parent told me that its Smell a lot sometime.but my parent know that is my medicine and its help me a lot so they tolerate it

    If there no option what kind of filter is not to expensive ?
  2. Hmmmm, maybe try:

    Brewing a ton of coffee, curing/drying some fish in the area, smoke a lot of cigars/cigs in the area, excessive flatulence, open cologne/perfume bottles....
  3. before man that mod is gonna close this hes gonna say, move out and find your own place where you can let it smell or some dumb shit like that.
  4. Carbon filter is the only thing that will take the smell of growing weed out of your grow space. Using deodorizers will only mask the smell, so you will smell both the smell of weed growing and something trying to cover it up

    Get a filter so the smell doesn't cling into your hair, skin and clothes and you don't get busted. Seriously. You won't smell it after a day or two, but anyone else who doesn't grow will easily be able to tell that you yourself smell like a grow op

    Even low odour strains like northern lights smell a ton during flower, and it's a very distinct smell way different than smoking pot. Don't be cheap, get a filter, and protect yourself from being discovered.

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  5. well i own a trailer but we have this drunk trailler park superviser called jim and he fuck around my weed plant so have to move them in the house
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  6. Ok Ricky

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  7. Ok will get a filter what brand do you recomend me in price range of 200-400$ ?

    For people that say i smell like a grow op yes its begin to smell a little bit on my cloths but maybe its just because i vape in my bedroom sometime it get a very strong skunk popcorn smell ... will have remedy fast ...
  8. Ionizer will wrk,i grabbd one from ebay $90 (good for 3000sq ft)just make sure its capable of cleaning the actual sq ft u have.i only have a 12×12 area so i went wayyyy over sq ft but wrks very good
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    Your doing this in your mothers house 1st of all!!! So you could actually put your mother in jeopardy if your not careful Bud! I have a Apollo cf works great plants are in flower, and still no smell. I paid $120 it has speed control witch you want. But the comment above is cheap. 12 foot by 12 foot your using a $90 cf??? Btw: Brewing coffee is not the solution lol. Your tent is how big? You must have ports for intake and and the out take! You have any pictures?
    Good Luck

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  10. Haha for real northern light is really a low smell strain? Cuz i have two right now and it smells fucking crazy. I did a budget grow n live alone and dont have filters, but the smell is creeping to the loby of the building you know outside of my apartments door. I put some fish from a can in the tent and before it dried out it smelled like shit instead of weed also bought an airwick hot oil heater that i put in outlet near to my door. Now i cant sense it from outside.
    But really this is my first and last grow indoors for now so i wont buy a filter. There are some alternatives tbh.
  11. Yes, supposed to be a low smelling strain but as you described she can get quite smelly still. Compared to my kushes you can't smell the NL at all lol. It depends on the pheno as well, but it was breed as a low odour indoor strain.

    I recommend phresh filters. Had mine for 3 years and it's still removing all the stank out of my cabs like day 1. I'll eventually replace it with a new phresh filter when I start to notice it doesn't work as well.

    Ona gel works great as a deodorizer but your weed might taste like fresh laundry, and you'll still notice the weed smell mixed in with it lol but works better than anything else as a masking agent. But a filter nowadays is a must so you don't get busted. If you can smell it, guaranteed a non Smoker can way more than you

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  12. Try baby powder before investing a filter. Sprinkle it around your pot and anywhere else that it smells. If that doesn't work, moth balls in every corner of the room. if that doesn't work, carbon filter.
  13. DIY Carbon Filter Compendium

    Dyi your filter lots do it on smaller grows. Can try an oz generator like g50 think it is I have one. But will strip smell from buds long with other ways. Carbon filter always best option, try dyi for it.
  14. Get a pet skunk...
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  15. Sorry but I absolutely lost it at the drunk trailer park guy manager fucking with his plants so he has to keep moving them lol

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  16. But carbon filter all the way. Cab get the whole kit on ebay and amazon. Comes with exhaust fan ducting and carbon scrubber for 200 or less depending on what size diameter you buy

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