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optional smokin devices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gzip, Oct 21, 2003.


choose your weapon!

  1. aluminium

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  2. make your own!

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  3. fruits

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  4. metal parts from some sort

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. hey guys, i ran out of zags and no store is sellin zags around my house, i have to go downtown and that would be a 2 hours trip to the center of the city and i cant afford that with mah bussy shedule, so anyway, can anyone recommend me an optional smoking device?
    like something done with a pen or something :S
  2. i used a foil bowl witha twizler stem, workd good cause u can eat it after if u really needed to.
  3. a plastic bottle gut out a pen stick the pen in the side of the bottle get a peice of tin foil make a bowl at the end of the pen and their you go a homemade bong
  4. Dude just make a foil peice...or do like duce said...just make a foil bowl and and use like a pen or somthin...
  5. Yeah, foil isn't the best thing for you, and you shouldn't do it all the time if you can help it...but I do it too when I'm in a pinch :)
  6. Make a gravity bong or a rocket

    Rocket: 2litre bottle w/ bottom cut off, foil bowl at the top where the original opening is, tkae a bag (I found a bag from a loaf of bread is good) and tape it over the opening so that it is airtight(ish)...put it in the bowl, light it and pull down slowly on the bag drawing smoke into the bottle/bag...remove bowl and fill lungs with sweet goodness ;)

    Grav Bong...2 litre bottle w/ bottom cut off, foil bowl at top...put into a bucket of water about 3/4 way up bottle, light bowl and pull up so smoke goes into the bottle, remove bowl and fill lungs with sweet goodness ;)
  7. Punks Not Dead beat me to it.. exceptTTTT... unscrew a kitchen faucet and that fits perfectly on a 2L bottle plus it comes with a screen (though it may be pretty dirty). i dunno why but around here they're called lungs not rockets.

  8. tryed the homemade bong, but i ran out foil, foil sucks u know it burns out after a while and it hurts my troath

    i borrowed a friends pipe it's pimp.
  9. APPLE PIPE!!! It's the best by far. Please trust me on this. If you don't know how to make one, tell me and i'll explain it.
  10. ive heard of the apple pipe...never understood it :D
  11. ^
    Some guy on grass city has a picture of one on his home page. Theres a link off his sig i believe...

    I smoked out of a pen a few times, made quick foil pipes as well.. never used fruit...
  12. Fruit baby fruit.
  13. whats up with these foil bowl pieces? The best thing to do I think is take a small light bulb, break it, take the bottom metal part and gut out all the shit inside. Put a screen in it and you have a really nice bowl that can last you a long time.

    What I have is a 1 liter bottle of water. I melted a hole in the side and put the serynge from a turkey injector in the hole *that is the mouth piece*. The bowl (lightbulb thing as I spoke of above) is in the cap that came on the bottle... just made a hole with a lighter and placed the bowl in it. A little shotgun is on the opposite side as teh mouth piece is. A plastic tube runs from the bowl to the bottom of the bottle, just fill it almost half way with snapple drink and you have yourself a really tasty water bong. :)

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