optimum height for a cab? help me build it.

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  1. If I were to build a cabinet from 3/4 inch thick plywood, what would be the optimum height? I was going to say four feet. I'd be using all CFL's. Possibly a 150 watt HPS for flower. 2-3 plants. Just for personal use. I was thinking maybe 4'H x 3'L x 2'W.....what do you think? Good size cab for 2-3 girls? What kind of plywood would you use? I was going to line it with panda film or something. Or just paint it flat white? The design I am going with is going to use two PC fans. One for the heat exhaust. bout 80CFM. going to be using a 1/4 inch thick piece of glass i found in someones garbage, i think it was from a coffee table or something. The second PC fan is for the odor filter. DIY all the way, only 40 CFM I believe for this. Ive got a good carbon filter design from a member of icmag. Will have a good size intake cut from the very bottom. What are your thoughts?
  2. I built a cabnet out of inch thick oak and its 24" tall by 20" wide and about 10" deep. I fit three cfls in there and cut a hole out the back and put an xbox fan in. Works like a charm! Whatever you do, dont overcomplicate it.
  3. Not to hyjack the thread, but is it finished oak? That'd be bad ass... Use brass fittings and make it steam punk...

    But on topic... what ever size you make it, you'll wish you'd made it "just 6 inches taller"... Start off bigger than you think you'll need, you can't really go too big.

  4. Hey thanks. Im glad its working out for you. Ive been thinkin, and 4 feet seems like a good height. 1 foot for the light chamber and 3 for the grow area. I would let the ladies get about a foot and then switch.
  5. The size sounds about right, but make sure you get a fan with decent pressure for the filter.
  6. The filter will be DIY. I am separating the the light and grow chambers with a piece of glass. One PC fan will exhaust the heat from the CFLs, the other will take care of the grow chamber and carry odor into the DIY filter. many people have said the design is very effective. We'll see. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=112862
  7. I built my cabinet out of 1/2" plywood. It's plenty sturdy and a lot lighter than 3/4". It's 2x3x6 and I wish I'd built it taller. I don't think I'd put the glass in there. How would you adjust the lights?
  8. thanks for chiming in usandthem. the glass is used in the cool box design. since i dont have a router to make a dado for the glass to slide into, ill have to make something out of wood for the glass to sit on which i will seal up. ill have to devise a way to raise the plants. maybe with books, or a small stool. you say 1/2 inch was good enough huh? ill make the final decision once i get to the store i suppose. its six feet tall and you want it taller? i guess if you got some sativas, but i do prefer indica and indica hybrids. scrog is in my future also.
  9. I've been a professional woodworker for years. Not only is 1/2" good enough I highly recommend it. I prefer indicas myself. When you start filling your box with lights and filters and such you'll be glad that you made it as tall as possible. If you have access to a tablesaw you can use that to make dado's. Books and stools are a pain in the butt. I've been there and done that. Adjustable lights are much easier.
  10. I'm jealous. I would love to get into woodworking. I remember taking woods in high school. It was fun. If I remember, it can be an expensive hobby. I do not have access to a table saw, just a jigsaw. My carbon filter happens to be external. It will sit on top of the cab. I really only needs room for lights and two PC fans in the light chamber and plants in the grow chamber. Thats it. I just realized something. How straight will my cuts be with the jigsaw? I really only need a jigsaw to cut holes for 4" ducting and intake vent. That will be on the very bottom with a built in light trap. Im looking forward to building this but I cant figure out how much wood I am going to need, and I dont want to spend TO much money. The pre built cab at HD is 95.00. And its 6 feet tall, 2wX2d. I could always go the route of finding something on craigslist or a gay-raj sale. Fuckin A, my wife is right, I can never make up my mind. This deserves a hit.
  11. Hello WeedTime!
    This sounds like the setup I'm planning (with the help of DownShift's ideas), minus the glass :) And thanks for that link, sometimes I forget that there are other forums since I come here so often! Keep us posted! I want to see pics of this cab! And I'll have to vouch for 1/2" wood as well, you'll like the weight of 1/2" compared to 3/4" and save some money in the process!
  12. you might want to reread that link. a pc fan wont be strong enough for the scrubber. that guide calls for an inline fan for the scrubber.
  13. i was thinking of doing a 2x2x4 but i'm only going to be doing 1 maybe 2 plants. its all personal for me so i think that'd be adequate
  14. Hey, I have a growing space which is 16" tall, 15" wide and 30" deep, is it big enough to grow a whole plant with light traps? And what's the easiest way to cut through a 0.8" thick wood accuratly for a fan?
  15. If you are running H.I.D lighting you will need more exhaust than 80cfm. Likely..

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