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  1. I am currently growing in a 48x48x80 tent. I have a 430 w HPS light and 80 w in flo's. 510 w total. i currently have 1 lady growing and it seems to be loving it. but i have 2 more flo bulb's that i have taken out since it got my tent to hot. question is should i put the bulbs back in and do more for ventilation or should i keep it as is? also how many plants can i fit comfortably i am not looking to grow mass amounts i would like to grow quality.

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  2. Increase airflow because you'll want some adjustment if possible. Even with central air and my house temps stable different times of the year I get fluctuations in tent temp and humidity. I'm not far south of ya so we have climate in common, and yes we have seasons in WA for all you naysayers

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  3. I doubt those fluorescents are adding much. I would take them out. And if your ventilation in and out is bad, you should be improving that anyway.
  4. i currently have a fan that holds 2 8" blades and the alter from intake/exhaust. just by having the 2 extra flo's it puts the tent from 84.3 F to 94 F+. which i believe is way to hot. i will try to figure out more ventilation and hopefully add the other 2 lights back in.
  5. In a small space, tent closet whatever if there is a halide I would have it in a cooltube or glass enclosed hood and get an inline and suck the heat off the lamp and use passive intake to start and add a small duct to the intake if needed later.

    And 84f is my ceiling without CO2

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