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  1. Opposites.
    Thing repels. Opposite attracts.
    Opposite repels. Thing attracts.

    Four directions or two?
  2. a cactus is the opposite of a chair.
  3. Infinite?
  4. What's the opposite of a shoe horn?
  5. What's the opposite of an opposite?
  6. I don't know, but that doesn't help me find out what the opposite of a shoe horn is.
  7. If A shoe horn is to get your foot into a shoe, then the opposite would be finding a scorpion in your shoe, which would cause you to pull your foot away...I think.

    What is the opposite of think?
  8. another opposite

    things being the same.


  9. faith?
  10. What is the opposite of duality I wonder.
  11. Two directions, each direction splitting into halves, flawlessly foiling each other to infinity.
  12. Do. I would think?
  13. Quadality!
  14. the opposite of an opposite is the same
  15. What is the opposite of gravity?
  16. The opposite of gravity I hear is antigravity. Funny thing about that word is that it appears to serve no other purpose than to legitimize gravity.

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