Opposite sex for a day

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Blueberry Haze, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. If you could spend 24 hours in the shoes of the opposite sex, how would you use your time? I'd wake up, take a nice long shower with myself, and then go out and have crazy lesbian sex all day :p
    How bout yall?
  2. yup, sounds about right

    i would also go to the club and get in free/ drink free all night and act like a stuck up bitch when a guy tries to talk to me
  3. Pretty similar to yours. If I was an ugly girl, i'd just play with myself all day, but if i was a hot chick i'd do the same as you.
  4. multiple orgasms ftw
  5. go to an adult video store and flirt with customers.
  6. I'd most likely want to have anal and a bj, basically sex all day. I'm so damn curious as to what it feels like for a guy.
  7. I would be licking and getting licked all day.
  8. Masturbate plenty and get a lot of oral sex. I'm only curious about sexual activity for guys, not their actual life.
  9. I wouldn't even get out of bed
  10. I'd go to a bar and get drunk for free.
  11. haha that made me lol
  12. But what if you get boofed by 11 pm and wake up the next morning lying beside a big hairy man... and you may or may not have reverted back to your man form before the no pants dance ended...

  13. Take advantage of the male sexuality and get whatever I wanted.
  14. after the lickfest I would do this. then right back to lickin
  15. Play with my boobs. All day.
  16. I'd fuck myself.
  17. There would be a shortage of cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, est at the local store
  18. id give myself orgasms then go collect free drugs for when im sober again
  19. On second thought I'd head to the kitchen and make sandwiches all day
  20. I'd get a blowjob first, then bone as many chicks in one day.

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